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He took over a brand new podcast called knowing Robin Williams earlier this month. I got talk about him. I'm I'm on an episode which I think drops this week About the community. I con Robin Williams and it isn't called knowing Robin Williams on the show Christie St West Guard and the New York Times culture reporter Dave it's aqap explored the life and legacy of the celebrated entertainer. Now I talk about my own experiences when I met Robin and And talk about what he would probably say. Today's crazy world what we're dealing with. I also talk about how never not funny is evolved from being primarily about comedy to more personal in depth conversations. Now Listen Dave. It's a cop. Knows a ton about Robin Williams. He'd be searched his life work and upbringing for his best selling biography Robin. Now he's talking to other performers like myself to learn how Robbins lawless manic spirit impacted their own work. Other comedians. Like Margaret Show in Gilbert Godfrey. We'll share how robin inspire them to push the boundaries of funny. They got indepth interview with guys like Chris Gephardt who analyze robbins jokes and discussed mental health in the comedy industry. Get to know the man behind the screen. New episodes come out every Monday. They as I mentioned. I'm on this week's episode So search for knowing Colon Robin Williams wherever you like to listen I had a great time talking to those folks. y'All be great time listening to it knowing Robin Williams listen today. Welcome back to the program. Jen Kirkman is here. She's digging time away from rehearsing for a big show on the thirteenth of December Third World. Famous improvisation said to President Christmas. Show it over it's called. What's it called Gen the eighth annual dysfunctional Christmas show? How many have you done of these? This will be the eighth or I think it might be the sixth or seventh but by keep forgetting so we just have different functional band there and stuff like that you know. Now I see the sketches and it's it's very bare bones and silly great Eight o'clock eight o'clock all right on that Friday the thirteenth So check that out there's Fund to be had the Kind of lost interest in my thought. I apologize that it was at your expense. Inched up Selig when I went to the restroom. which is what just happened? I I tried to eyeball your car but the brick wall and the way that the Condo is situated. I just can't see it even if you could see. You couldn't see that there was a ticket for her. It was gone right right Jaren wanted weren't out there again to go on that and and see what Check Pass Ticket Watch. That face was like it was like he woke you up. That's the way your face just all right. Let's see let's see how he does the handle the here just touch it. Just grab it man. If you know what do not get shocked Tali is. It's always surprising. Even though we talked about races now surprising how tall he is. I guess what. I'm getting out of the Uber Today. Just old man. Only finally straightens up and then call. That's Garin Yeah Well he's got back Uh All right. Let's check in behind video village while Garin is gone. Now you've got some new name back there blue something what do you have. It says blute whole Berle. Blue Hor- whole barrel carol. I can't even say it. A whole whole whole all is an extra hole So it's B. L. O. T. H. E. L. H. b. e. r. l. e.. And why is this is happening. What does this name? So I was a little papers and there's a from Nineteen Ninety S. I had an auto repair bill And that's is the name that they wrote as owner of the vehicle is instead of Elliott Hook Berg they wrote down blute whole borough overall gluts. Well that's taken that starbucks cup but named thing to a whole new level now in fairness there's a chance that my handwriting was bad when I wrote it on something else and they transferred over. But here's the thing though even if that's the case uh-huh pollute you. Stop and go. What could this be? It's not Balut. E couldn't he looked like a B- its erection if fight if I dragged my pen it can look like a b. e. l. l. is too close. No it's yeah it's like what what would be a Donald E. Yeah that's the world's greatest toy store not anymore. Here's the thing that's like a name that would be on arrested development because their last name was blue but it sounds like crazy. The whole borough horrible home borough at whole Burr. Whole our whole holdall borough hurlburt is this? Your car is ready. I'm sorry there's nobody by that name here. Nobody by that name anywhere. Ah Good call anyone in the world in a euros. Fine Gluten Balut Well I love it. I think that's GONNA stick for a while I hope L. A.. Blue Blue to check we have in villagers. Balut say blue. 'cause I can't say that second vote. That's fair hull. Borough borough borough holder go over Milton. Darren back from tickets. Watch twenty nineteen What are you up to a year? Now we've got the story about blue while you're gone. That's the new name behind Elliott on the scientists there for me a car. I know you guys were texting about this or something over the weekend. Is that what you were involved in comment on it. All I said was put it on the board. Yeah but He wants to. He sent us a Texas a picture of this Receipt because nobody would believe it. If you just it I will tell you this matt as a fan of the Chicago White Sox and the former announcer Ken Harrelson. That was his catchphrase. Whenever there's a home run so when you separate on the borders orders like a home run? I don't understand. I was quoting you saying that to him. And there's a new nick. I got there a little while to put it on the boys. You quoting quoting Hawk Harrelson here that makes it harder. Yes is my car still there yes car still there a ticket. They'll tell you know to get all right. You're going to win here. Yeah I never know how that plays though for tickets for parking for Reginald. Probably shouldn't but but again parking. They're not out the out because they're not on. Somebody would have to call because you're in the wave right and that's when we talk about towing so we're talking about doing. Let's let's Talk Toan New podcast right. It's all about. It's I just talked to tow. Truck drivers have any how they feel about being towed. Can I It can come on that sort of thing. I might even bring the guy that told you. Oh boy show this. Is Your Life Way you can talk it out. And he could see no I actually if they were guilty. When I do this stuff and you guys can talk it out? Going to be honest I think this is actually a great idea. going but then that's a reason to that's the story the and then you you ended up just having a conversation but that's what brings people so me coming to you thirteen and a half years ago with the idea for not funny. You're skeptical if you were to come to me and say here's my idea use host but it's we talked towing somebody's gotta Toy Story. You would have thrown a soda in my face. Ah softened as he gets older. There's a lot of great ideas out there. And you're this positivity is a sham this real did you have the name never not funny. Did Jimmy had a shirt I think designed by Vance Sanders Sanders. Yeah and It was a it was like a cool looking in kind of porn seventies porn fonts. That's Jimmy Pardo and then underneath. It said never not funny did it. I did that wrong I should have. That was on me. I should have had actually the big lettering. Should've I've been never not funny. But the Jimmy underneath it. But it wasn't that was just a phrase that you liked. It wasn't yes but nobody wants to buy shirt with my name on it anyway. Now they do of course but then it made no sense. It should have been never not funny with very small Jimmy. Part of what happened is present. We've talked about before when we did the first the show at my dining room table we then went to my computer and Matt said Okay. Now it's uploaded. We have to put it in an image. We have to wait a little description and he said what do we call it and I said you know I've always liked. I always say that's never not funny. Let's let's use that name. That's that's it. I love it. Send and we were committed to this. You shouldn't awful Wolf fucking name. I love the name thank you. Oh my God awful perfect worst we also were talking about calling the podcast hard. CAST which I you you can but people don't know what does that mean that any way for seven years I think we set it in the episode we call. We said the part cars cast. Yeah yeah we were really nailed the name and the podcast from day one. Well thank you. Kirkman gets admitted with anybody else. Go See you're on the thirteenth talk about an acre length during your show right what your podcast. Yeah Yeah I sing about it I I. I re purpose lurks Christmas Song I do. I'm dreaming of a White Christmas but I do. I'm dreaming of a paw. Aw cast just like don't want us to know where it's never not funny and children Dron. Listen this by the Joe Genes.

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