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It is now part of the standard vaccines we give kids although they don't have to in a lot of states is not necessary you don't have to get the vaccine but it's rolled in with a lot of child him put him in his ation most kids get protected like our daughter has had her hip vaccine's riley got hers she's fine but the only reason i've had mine because i left the country so if the country somebody may recommended to you to get one and you may have had your series of vaccines otherwise you probably haven't so you need to check that out also there's huge rush on it so you probably won't be able to get because everybody's trying to get be negative i'm just saying city said they're out of her office because i was like let me get up on that 'cause i wanna eat my taco bell with clean conscious i know i'm killing myself with it but i don't want to do that fast why seriously though we i'm being coming mary's is i guess the hepatitis vaccine is usually vailable at the local health department and at your doctor's office and it's not something you would standardly been given and even though like i said it's it's really rare the fact that we're having this many cases in the us is really rare globally it is not rare at all they're about one point four million symptomatic cases each year cases we actually know about which means they're probably one hundred and fourteen million cases of infection each year so it's all over the globe and now coming to a theater near you so this is actually where we can actually help right because i bet because none of the headlines are about taco bells on ohio the y'all maybe could be a head curve so like just tomorrow or probably monday just call them like no reason but i would.

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