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Opposed to starting to play ball in in September? Yes because September would be training camp. So I agree with you, but he really. He shot it down. He said no chance like they have a date in, so you know part of me. Believes that you know while he says he's really ready and and ready to roll that. Maybe you know they've got a timeline on the rehab and they're not gonNA. Push it back earlier. Than they wanted to, there was something else to just wizards related I'm real quickly. that I didn't get to on the podcast yesterday. There was a report out from the New York Daily News over the weekend that Brooklyn. The Nets have reportedly had internal discussions about trading for Bradley beal, which would pair him up with durant and Kyrie Irving next year and beal in an interview. Friday on ESPN, said quote. It's not the first time I've heard this kind of talk. It's interesting to me. I look at look at it as a sign of respect that I've been doing good things in. In Guys WanNa, play with me. That's an unbelievable feeling when you hear that Kyrie and Kevin Durant want you that Shit's amazing at the same time. You don't know how much there is to it or how easy it would be to do, and I've put down roots in DC and I've dedicated myself to this town. This community I love it here and it would feel great to know that I could grind out winning here instead of jumping to another team, but I'd be naive to say that I. Don't think about it when these stories come up. closed. Quote here had some. Out Comments About John, wall, he said my biggest thing right now is that I wanNA. Play with John Again I. WanNa see him. Get back to the level where I know he can be especially since my games grown so much while he's been out. What can we accomplish together? I'm so happy. He's healthy working his tail off. He's looked great before the the pandemic you know quarantine. He said I was super encouraged when I saw him. Participating in various. You know activities and and he said the few practices that he participated in with US change. The whole outlook of our team closed quote. Man! I don't even know what Brooklyn could give the wizards. The Wizards are not going to trade Bradley beal, but you know. I I've mentioned this to you in the past and is that you don't win an NBA Championship in the twenty first century without a top five player on your team, so if the goal is to win a championship. The wizards aren't going to win one because they don't have a top five player on their team. You know. I, what I agree. I went through the library. Yeah, I and. The thing about the NBA. Is. As, opposed to football or even baseball I think. To some extent. It's so hard to turn around.

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