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And i didn't see this right away barely somebody scola one thousand lb concrete chicken and taylor's bill and there's a reward this deal and downs and brown concrete chipped in vs alexander can taylor's phil because shares on so the chicken which is over three feet tall was snatched you don't matchup thousand lb concrete checkin what a sack rise but it a statue in their buddy so they'll does a gift yeah drill you had a big chicken for valentine's oh yeah romantic that's not a small markets and anyone taking wing so yeah the thousand powell country checkin that's that's that's a heist right like he showed him a giant crane in the backyard well it's nice that's good you know the most goals over to pick it up now but but yeah retread backup or you can use to giant one thousand pau concrete check him it's not the same one day prop the you know on the wing to up stuff that hard alright so there's what is the reward is a chicken wings it doesn't say yeah the hell yeah it is going to take it out the the country somewhere vision and you're not hide nat in town you gotta tell but up and smuggle it it's like oh title bars a while ago because and hey the pucks it we will get into that again alright to the phones logan hello i was about the third for all four yeah turn i'm sure workable you think he for her off it on him i'm wondering okay how do you recover three plate guard cannot retracted protect him i you know i thought about this team no one make sure is a circle us on the story says it's a circle or saw now i guess oswald or something it it i i i'm going to work under the impression the maybe when she drops and she reached for it was able because got that will tad least mind as yeah they'll all tatted out where you can pull back manual in the maybe she grab that i and it was just the perfect marriage of horrible mess i don't know and i'm thinking wide is start yelling early could even think guy but you know i your third i'm sure they has been through they forward like don't kilmeade yeah and then thing you now you know allow those things are that's true or maybe.

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