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Most of his sacks came up the middle. So that came against a one of them was against Matt Hennessy who again was being rotated in left with James Carpenter. And likewise, I, think one of the SAX was him splitting the difference between the Chris Stroman and Kayla mcgarry but regardless, three sacks from one player Raven Green had a sack. So they had four sacks on the game and honestly I this was not a Green Bay team that's known for their fierce pass rushing yet. Again, the of the Falcons sort of give gave up For, Saxon this game Tie Summers in their Smith both had six tackles in the game Darnall savage with five Adrian Amos with four and I think that you know some of the standout players in this game, you gotta go the Giro Alexander in he was covering Calvin Ridley for the majority of the game as we already mentioned. Ridley. Did nothing he was targeted five times in I would argue in though I'm GonNa. Get some hate about this but we have to talk honestly about this team I would argue there were several passes that were just off target where it wasn't necessarily really spoke in fact, the first pass of the game a of people say, oh, will release the caught that honestly Matt Ryan should have thrown that ball sooner more confidence in the fee does Ridley on that slugger route has an easy touchdown. And instead it's Ridley has to try to make a circus catch in in can't pull it in and I'll feel like that's a fair play to put on Ridley's shoulders and the rest of the game you know Alexander was really stuck to his hip up to your point earlier I do think his ankle injury may have factored into that so I don't want to beat up on really too much but. Alexander's a good corner and I think he showed that in this game. And in you saw that Ridley actually was spending a lot of time on the sidelines which I think played into the whole ankle thing because eliminate is the key is. Even Christian Blake was out there for the majority of. Towards the end of the game, obviously the Games nearing the end you're down, you know thirty, two sixteen. So it's not worth. You know having him read injuring, but he did end up coming back in later on so. JETER. It and it looked like they were trying to. SPLIT, his snaps with other guys is so it wasn't indication that you know he came into the game questionable as well he and Julio. So We'll see how he bounces back from this. I'm not worried about Ridley. Feel like this is one of those games where it was a perfect storm of things that happened Ryan being off the offensive line being off just the whole in the coaching on the offensive side of the ball being mostly terrible. So I don't want to put this too much on the players alone I feel like the conversation around the Falcons has to be about the entire organization. It's not just about players. It's not just about the quarterback or the wide receiver what they did or didn't do we also have to include guys like Dirk Koetter Raheem Morris Dan Quinn into the conversation of what happened in the game like us. Will do in the next half podcast. So on that note. Before we jump into what the Falcons defense did and what the packers offense did. Oh my God with the packers offense..

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