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Radio X. X. Y. FM ninety six one Oklahoma City more controversy over the Oklahoma county jail good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay news that are cold wet and blustery today our forecast is coming up Oklahoma county commissioner Brian mon says he felt blindsided by Oklahoma county sheriff PD Taylor's demand that the newly created jail trust take over the Oklahoma county jail as of January first I'm not even certain that it's constitutional that he can just decide he's going to abruptly abandoned his responsibilities at the jail until the jail dressed invokes the right to take over the jail mon tells news for its childish behavior Taylor says he's lost so many employees the past few months but he can no longer operate the jail in a proper manner Oklahoma U. S. senator Jim and Hough calls it a house Democrat obsession Jim foresight explains enough support to Senate resolution condemning the house impeachment inquiry the fact that they can't even allow the president the basic rights that they've graded previous presidents like allowing the president's attorney into the room being able to but is it shows their true intentions really the plainly and clearly and even worse they're doing it all behind closed doors Oklahoma U. S. senator James Langford is also signed on to the resolution they needed one hundred seventy eight thousand signatures to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot in Oklahoma maybe bishop reports but they got a lot more than that according to amber England with the yes on eight oh do campaign you three hundred and thirteen signatures.

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