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Emerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the new president of Zimbabwe on Sunday. This comes after the election campaign which was widely seen to be neither free no fair. Although the vote itself was peaceful in the immediate often beyond me shot and killed at least six demonstrators and a campaign of retribution has been taking place against polling agents and opposition supporters across the country. The results of the vote, which in the constitutional court by Nelson Chamisa and his opposition MDC alliance, the court ruling dismissing. The challenge and confirming mnangagwa's president will be it with a smaller percentage of the vote has drawn international condemnation and would appear to indicate that the judiciary is highly partisan. Well, David Coltart is a human rights lawyer and a former MDC minister for education and a Senator in the Zimbabwe government. He joins me on the line from Bulawayo. David was the court case fair. Good morning. Gene note wasn't. It it was. Completely unjust from beginning to end the way the court proceedings were managed in my view was unjust for a very complicated case. The the original petition was over two hundred pages long. It had very detailed allegations, not just of voter fraud, but of constitutional violations. And they gave the lower twenty minutes to put forward his argument before the case even began. The government had fictive denied to me. So three South African Council who again, to argue particular aspects of the case. So just at the beginning, the the case got off to a very poor start. And I mean, when doesn't have to have a lot of legal knowledge to see that the stage being erected for the inauguration before the hearing has been handed down. Kili mean something's up will exactly in famous. The constitution does say that within forty eight hours of the constitutional court handing down its judgment. The new president has to be inaugurated Serse. Suppose they could have used that that argument. But we had far too many other stories going about how prepared they were for Emma Simpson gangway to be the chosen candidate will or others president at which indicated that of course, they knew the result. So what happens next legally can can there be an appeal, any kind of challenge? No, that's the end of the road. The constitutional court is the highest court in the land of the constitution itself is very clear that any challenge to an election ends with that judgment Nelson, Tim ISA has appealed to an African court, but it's largely symbolic. It has no power to dictate to this Imbaba Ian government toot to, for example, reverse any decision. So does it. The government really needs the international community, not least to stabilize the economy what can be done then by other countries is it just seen as interfering in a sovereign state. To the international community going forward is that we don't need any waste of agenda. We simply need international community to. Referred to symboblic constitution as Bob. We actually has a very good constitution was passed by referendum in two thousand and thirteen, although test some Arizona. Generally it is an excellent document and what the international community needs to do is to hold misdemeanor godwit to the principles contained in that constitution. What next then for this very divided country. I mean, there are two schools of thought one is that we just need to pull together and four symboblic to be a nation that works. We must go forward. And there are others who say, no, this is completely unfair, and we should never ever support this man who is really committed genocide and it has stolen election. One point two, Gina, this is known about Amazon. Managua wasn't about Robert Mugabe. It's about an unjust system. At present. It's about the overwhelming control that the military has in our society, and that is what needs to change. We've had thirty eight years of this in particular in the last two decades. We've had the military involved in the DRC involved in business. We've had them she involved in our own diamond fields. We've had the military involved in effecting the outcome of elections and swatting the the will of the people and that is the issue going forward. If we just accept the situation, we will result in it while they will result in in us having a military dictatorship innocence for the next ten twenty years. And if that is the case, Zimbabwe's potential will never be realized. Geiger's catchphrases Zimbabwe's open for business. But when he took over Nov. off to the ta-chou's and bubbas international debt was five billion US dollars..

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