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Analytical I'm your host Eddie Hill along with Rick Warren and Gordon Park. Join US give our opinion concerning everything dealing with politics we don't hold back so prepare free no nonsense approach to the news and no, we don't care about your feelings Uncensored and no sugar coating sit back and enjoy the ride. And hello everybody and welcome my name's Eddie Hill. I'm your host of Political Analytical Rick Warn an Gordon. Park will not be available until Sunday show which will be live at eight PM central time on facebook on the political analytical channel. So if you'd like to join us live Please Feel free to show up on facebook at political analytical site click like and follow. And join in on the conversation, which will also be recorded and placed. Over here on this format. So with that being said, just like to welcome everybody to the show, we appreciate it. We're just now getting this show up and running over here on podcast mode. Because we've been so busy. We've been trying to get the channel up on. facebook because there's so much to talk about and with this election being so important we've really been working hard to make sure that we get. Everything going away supposed to. And So I mean I I it's just been like nonstop recording and trying to make things happen. But the reason I wanted to jump on here, real quick and make a quick segment. Is Because of the new vice president. Pick. From Joe Biden who is none other than Kamala? Harris. And She is. About as far left I think is you'd WanNa go and SBN pretty much far right or at least Republicans over here. On a political analytical. This. Could this is a very bad thing and we really don't want to see her in Jalan Biden for that matter. But if y'all remember back in the day. In twenty, nineteen believe. When Biden was accused of rape by. Some women. She was very quick to say that she believes those women. And that she feels that Joe Biden did everything that those women said. That he did to to them. Now all of a sudden that she was picked for vice president. It seems like all that's gone away in. It's all. Okay. Now. Why is all that? Okay now, but it wasn't back then. this lady has no morals. She has no work ethics. She stands by none of her convictions. She is. A terrible woman. Who is being pup? It'd. By the big state. She's being puppet it by. The far left she's being puppet it by. ANTIFA. She's being puppet it by BLM. And she is nothing but a puppet on a string along with Biden. If these to get in, we're looking at the United States never ever. Being the same again. This is a terrible terrible woman. and has no business being vice president. Not to mention the fact that she's not qualified. She is not qualified to be the vice president of the United States sure. She's got law degrees and as a lawyer or Anything dealing with law enforcement. Yeah. She's pretty well equipped but to be vice president of the United States, she is not equipped. and. She has no training no schooling. She's got very limited time within. The Democratic Party she has very little time in any type of politics doesn't know how to handle anything that's happening and she's going to be a puppet. And I don't think any of us want to see the United States crumble. Because we have somebody that has no experience within the United States I mean, it's just. It's really mind boggling. And I hope and pray that everybody gets out and votes that supposed to. Because there's so much happening in so much bad going on that I'm honestly afraid. That it's going to get worse and it's going to get to the point where. Our taxes are going to be so high. We won't even be able to afford our own homes. We won't be able to afford to live not to mention how much taxes are going to be put on. All our checks. And she's also a Antigun. I guarantee you. If Biden, in her get in, they're going to do everything they can to abolish the second amendment. And our constitution little by little it's going to be shaved away and who knows what we're going to end up with. She's four. defunding the police. She referred to all the police officers as KKK. I mean, these are things that we really need to think about it's true Americans. Because if she takes over, it's going to be a very, very bad deal. Over here It says on Fox senator. Kamala Harris. who was officially announced as Joe Biden's running-mate Tuesday. Has Switched her stance on multiple issues throughout her time in public life beginning as a local prosecutor in the early two thousands. Those physicians are now back in the spotlight as the trump campaign tries to tag her as phony, which she is. This is one phony lady. And the newly named Democratic ticket prepares to present a united and consistent message. Going into next week's national. Convention. Now Chris Wallace says Kamala Harris doesn't do any harm to Biden's chances of. Winning the election. however, Harris change of heart covers issues like whether the government should abolish private health insurance. Whether recreational marijuana should be legalized in more such switches have invited criticism in the past from both the left and the right with Republicans labeling her as a radical. And members of more progressive wing of the Democratic Party accusing her of not being liberal enough. So they're gonNa Start Molding her pretty much to the way they want her. I mean it's you can tell that this is not a woman that Dick's by anything let it's going to benefit hurt. If sled say for instance. Let's say that she didn't want to abolish health insurance. She's GonNa say that she does now. Because that's what they wanted to say data going to be something that's going to help her. The heck. With all of us I mean we don't matter. We, have American citizens do not matter. what matters to her is her. And even.

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