Seatle, Zurich Station, DOJ discussed on Monocle 24: Section D


That the doj meet near more than eight years you see and then dc's unimportant by hop to say over there i'm working now building the church roof's on nicholaas outs could on seatle physically is a tiny projecting relation to the gigantic downward patrol of meanings indeed and also the first time i am building utterly just building in this provisional you never to stop all the briggs outgrew jobs in the old obree exciting bought important mentioned the zurich station as may be a good segue into talking about why you are here in london which is obviously the greenwich peninsula intense a place which is not only a transportation hub but combines a lot of different uses a lot of them cultural uses theatre cinema performance spaces my question can looking at that project is in at a time when i think a lot of kind of cultural like that is being squeezed why do you think those are still quite critical element of building a new or renewing an urban environment looking at the british today you will see that he's a breach did he sat down sport they schoenhahen the public spaces gala diaz plus us they are also places in which a people come let's they are shops the outta places for exchange for conduct of people for movement of people that he's a product that he's a creation the air arcades that he's even acl socks from the water the air so were in a way you see i think declined was looking for something like that if you look backwards you see declined wh i suppose he balance i greatly who is the person we stoppable to deliver a verdict who is more let's say the center of gravity of the break is more devoted to public uses done to bribe white because it has to became the hot of a whole new city called it like that emptied because the peninsula means up almost an island you see and indeed these so beautiful geographically how the thames manders outbound than create these said peninsula you're gonna go from one side into though that of rather quickly aency from you know you're.

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