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Ferguson, William, Mayor Knowles discussed on PBS NewsHour


Has lived in Ferguson since she was two and lives just blocks from where brown was killed and while her husband William says some court reforms were needed when you come in to a a ticket and you've got four other have standing warrants and they put you in jail you can't pay your fine if you're in jail you're not going to be working still they worry things have gone too far let's not go the opposite way whether that's the way there seem to be going now is and there's no punishment for abusing the law right at the same time Ferguson's independent monitor testified the city needs to do more to actually implement policy changes including new police training but mayor Knowles says the costs are too high which is rankled many activists there is no police department in Missouri very few in this country they do all of the things that are required by our consent decree we have to go through more hoops we have two indoor more training more scrutiny Griffin says it's that kind of sentiment that makes our concern to see me referred to withhold practices but she's also confident in the momentum of the last five.

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