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Three sunshine tomorrow with a high of seventy five and sunny and seventy four on Sunday it is sixty three degrees right now this is a service of low T. center in Mexico plumbing demonstrators taking to the streets to blue ash last night protesting the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minnesota hello peace caravan down Kenwood road first and rally to blue ash town square looking at the people who were doing things to make a change I'm encouraged that my boys will be okay that eventually will be okay Kimball of Reese one of the organizers of the event talking with nine news March is planned this afternoon through Oakley and Hyde Park it starts at one o'clock in Madison park across from Withrow high school another demonstration plant at the same time it Blair circle in front of walnut hills high school in tomorrow rallies are planned for fort Thomas in Mason looks like stock prices will bounce back a bit today Dow futures are pointing to an increase of about five hundred points wiping out some of the big losses from yesterday's trading session the Dow was off over seven percent over fears of a second wave of covered nineteen cases Coney island's opening today after having to delay the start of the season because of the pandemic yes even season pass holders have to reserve that mission time online in advance and that's upset some of the regulars who say they've been experiencing trouble with the website water park says it's working to address the issues movie theaters across Ohio open back up today new social distancing guidelines will be in place every other role in the theater will be closed and people will be encouraged to spread out and never going to have somebody sitting either in front of or behind you were going to have seats roped off and basically cut every other row every other Tory might have a slightly different set up but that's kind of the general guideline the center also spacing out the start times for the different movies they show so they don't have large crowds in the lobby national Underground Railroad freedom center announcing it will open July twenty fourth to limit the size of the crowd they will do advance reservations online as well news radio seven hundred WLW sport respect three college pitchers during day two of the MLB draft on Thursday Christian row from Texas a and M. Bryce Bonnin from Texas tech in Notre Dame's Joe Boyle Cincinnati also at a high school catcher Jackson Miller and high school outfielder mac wing right the PGA tour restarted yesterday at the colonial in fort worth Justin rose and Harold Varner the third are the co leaders after round one and FC Cincinnati will head to Orlando in less than two weeks to begin training for the MLS is back tournament that begins at the Disney sports complex on July eighth Dave Armbruster seven hundred WLW sports having gone through for.

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