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Chance of of success You know a slight chance of survival slide but you know awards and fame if successful and five hundred people show up because they want to go on this journey and then after he gets them stuck in ice for months has to basically do three feats of crazy hoop superhuman things that the world could not repeat if they tried. You know beefing up a lifeboat and going eight hundred miles from elephant island south georgia island the toughest season the world and then crossing elephant island on foot without climbing equipment. And there's a third one to just. Oh the navigation of that whole thing which is a whole another part of this after he does all that and everyone that goes back fights and war war one and then he goes. I'm going to try it again. And they all sign up to go back with them for the second time is it. Is it something that people are crazy or is it something that god has made us in a an amazing way where we are not victims of the created order. We are after the fall after the fall we have. We have a place in the created order where it can kill us blaise. Pascal talked about this. He goes what is man. What a chi- camera he said you know. He's the ruler of the universe and yet the slightest vapor can kill him. But you know how do you how do you. How do you figure out. Man's place in the world that we can you know take over. A vast wasteland think of dubai and then build marketable city and sustain life and yet a virus. We can't see can kill six hundred thousand americans. I it just the anthropological Explanation for the universe is Or explaining the anthropological Problem why are humans the way they are wire. Humans the center. Why do they seem. What are the universe's Stephen jay gould. I think it was the one who said why. Did the universe seem to think we were coming seemed to know we were coming. And how can we have so much power and be so vulnerable at the same time. The thing about alone. Is that what aaron and i realized as we psychoanalyze all these people are watching it and just to describe it really quickly. It's it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a reality show where they drop people in the middle of nowhere and whoever can stay the longest wins and we were just watching this one where they did it a little differently. Which i'm convinced. There's like a team of graduate psychology student somewhere. Who's putting this show together and just studying the participants so this season was different where they said if somebody can if you can last one hundred days in the arctic you'll get a million dollars at the end. Three people made it beyond eighty days. Which i don't think in any other season of alone anybody's state at least not in the arctic. Nobody stayed that long. So there's something to be said for the fact that they had something to work toward as opposed to this open ended timeframe. You just have to be the last one standing there working toward the hundred days but the other thing we noticed this season is the people who are gonna stay. The longest are the ones who give themselves projects every day. So even if they're the silliest like i'm gonna make a spoon out of this piece of bark we need. We need productivity. Which is such a god given a clearly god-given thing that spans any sort of category it spans race ethnicity age athletic ability gender. The people who come up with tasks for themselves every day on the show are the ones that are going to last longer. And there's something reused wine.

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