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The chad paddington right so the thing this is where i have an issue with porzingis i i'll tell you what i'd give away i would give the knicks back all the junked they gave us for plus everyone of this scheers draft picks to get porzingis but david ramsey said and i say it all the time here nerkin which was a piece that the nuggets are looking for now they weren't able to figure that out so what my what makes us think that porzingis than yokich can coexist because their way more similar players than kitchen yokich were wall i would i would say that the relationship between the two is better yes artery they're always um i think that what i would say is that porzingis has more of a permit a game than yolk it at which so i i do will look but there plenty of perimeter to ally i you know open up way another nerkez discussion but yes the ada has shown since dan i i can test that the nuggets had very little choice but to trade him because he was never gonna work out because of his added he would have worked out if you just like suspend him and let them sit on on the bench what did they give her him nothing mason plumb ya nothing was sent him to the knicks do you think that phil jackson might like some warmly who is out there so i like a a plate porzingis is now the the biggest get other than jimmy butler and from everything that i've read and seen the delegates aren't trying to go for jimmy butler because i have guards in murray and harassed that they feel like or good flight who waiting are george butler porzingis really chris paul 'christ paul's a free agent like who else is out there that blake griffin yet egypt paul though like out of everyone you just said i love porzingis he's probably the best player but blake griffin he fits it makes sense he he can play that supporters aengus rv next the the next eu i believe porzingis can't fit i dunno man i dunno i just don't think the we'll see i just think that if if you can get him i'd go.

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