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W c CO. From the Capital One Bank studios in Washington. This is the CBS news weekend roundup. Here's correspondent Steve Dorsey shark tank star Mark Cuban is under fire for Norring sexual harassment at the NBA team owns the Dallas Mavericks. I would rather work eighty hours a week to make fifty K at work for myself that have a seventy five hundred thousand dollar job working for somebody else. Mark Cuban's public images of a brash and controlling NBA owner while he was hands on with his basketball team. Investigators say Cuban was oblivious to problems festering elsewhere in the organization, this is a story about the countless women in the organization who had their ability to work for the Mavericks or to work in sports, deeply impaired by what happened here. A forty three page report said Dima assery, the former Dallas Mavericks president and CEO for eighteen years, forcibly touched and kiss fifteen female employees Cuban says he was unaware of the. Allegations until they appeared in Sports Illustrated, last February Cuban did know that ticket sales employees, Chris hide view pornography on his computer in left a use condom in the office Cuban also knew a reporter on the team's website. Earl Sneed had a history of battering women. Investigators said Cuban failed to fire both men immediately employees just did not believe that acts of misconduct will be taken seriously or that people will be held accountable. Assery serene Snead have previously denied the allegations against them. But Snead did plead guilty to assaulting a domestic partner. He says to defuse the situation is on Wednesday Cuban apologized to the victims the pain that people went through the pain that people shared with me as this happened, the tears that I saw. Just. It hurt correspondent Eureka Dunkin reporting one of the original hosts of CBS is the talk Julie Chen is stepping down from her role on the TV show after her husband former CBS headless Munoz was fired following sexual misconduct accusations. I have been at the talk since the day it started nine years ago. Julie Chen announced her departure in a pre taped message to viewers and her co host during her first appearance of the season right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son. So I've decided to leave the talk Chen has not appeared on the daytime talk show since her husband former CBS head Leslie Moonves resigned amid sexual harassment and misconduct. Accusations. Munoz has denied the allegations against him which first appeared on the pages of the New Yorker in July Chen publicly supported her husband, then issuing a statement on Twitter calling moon vez, a kind decent and moral humor. In being I will stand by that statement today tomorrow forever. Earlier this month, the New Yorker reported a second round of allegations together detailing the stories of twelve women accusing moon vez of sexual harassment or assault between the nineteen eighty s and early two thousands Chen made headlines when she doubled down in her support signing off big brother with his name. I'm Julie Chen Moonves good night in her recorded message, Tuesday, Chen did not address the scandal surrounding moon seemed emotional as she said goodbye, I send you my love. I will miss you all very very much Kenneth Cragg. CBS news Justice for Elton John on John and his husband David furnish have received an apology and significant financial damages over a report in the sun newspaper their dog inflicted. Freddy Krueger like injuries on a five year old girl during. A play date at home sovereign seems to be the son claimed the girl was more than a singer and his partner failed to show interest in the child's condition. The allegation was found to be false and seriously defamatory, Larry Miller CBS news, London. It's been a big year for Singapore on the world stage the hot streak for the country started back in June. When it hosted President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong UN this is a country of profound grace, and beauty, and we send our warmest wishes to every citizen of Singapore. Then came the wildly popular movie. Crazy rich Asians set in Singapore. Come.

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