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Located at woodman in i25 the only place to hear talk about your teams thinking in a become rail nami scientists man i hate those guys biro your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with doug gone father of colorado springs sports radio weasels good wednesday t a welcome to the show ryan and wales with you in studio chris on assignment lot to get to today guest wise we will be joined by tim fischer host of fish on football saturday seven am right here on extra sports thirteen hundred he will join us to talk about the breaking news of the afternoon that bob stoop stepping down after eighteen seasons at oklahoma and i literally like a lotta people were saying i can't remember it's hard to remember the oklahoma without bob's i don't remember likes period like i know switzer coach there but i seriously don't remember watching or you know thinking about anything oklahoma football without bob stoop so very interesting stuff in we'll talk with tim coming up in just a few minutes our number two the major league baseball draft is less than a week way jim callous from mlb dot com will join us to give you a primer who were the players you should be looking out for a lot of interesting questions it could potentially be the first high school player drafted number one overall this share so i very interesting stuff jim kallas will join us in our number two and then our number three grant meech uh will join us on the program so three grip at three great guests and if you would like to be a great guest as well you.

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