Alzheimer, Oregon, Heart Disease discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Of the generic nature of disease george this is what i've been talking about for twenty five years over twenty five years did diseases are generic they're all based in the deterioration of the body it doesn't floaters of the is arthritis of the i it's heart disease of the eye is alzheimer's disease of the eye alzheimer's diseases floaters of the brain is all the same things the body breaking down it has nothing want to get this notion that diseases are based in specific oregon's out of our heads because it doesn't serve is when we understand that the disease process is generic no matter what you call your disease will be able to take our power back because once we understand that it's just the body breaking now all we gotta do is figure out how to build the body back up that's the answer to all diseases figure out how to build the body backup how to make the body stronger and i'm talking psoriasis i'm talking with rightist i'm talking heart disease i'm talking cancer our goal is not to cure the cancer it's to make the body stronger it's not the cure the arthritis it's to make the body stronger it's not to address a specific organs but to take care of the body as a system and when we understand that we'll see that it's just a few basic things george food nutrition it's oxygen it's reducing your blood sugar this all diseases we're talking about here it's it's stress management it's mental and emotional and spiritual aspects and it doesn't matter what you call the disease if you practice these commonsense generic ideas that.

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