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Than you expected or absolutely absolutely I'm able to get in and out we got here about ten minutes ago was able writing a check in the so as you get on your plane to go see family keep in mind allow extra time to get here seriously allow extra time when Chuck ten ten wins here at LaGuardia winds used on twelve fifty well could be a little tougher Jessica buyer to follow tradition and light the menorah and put it in her window because she's at the international space station the astronaut mark Tanaka with the Twitter pic of her blue in neon Hanukkah socks the earth beneath their feet the message happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrated on earth one reply to this week did you take a photo of Manhattan from up there with these ten twelve fifty it's no holiday break for North Korea new satellite images of the construction of a new structure at a facility where the north makes its military equipment the photos from planet lads come amid concerns that young men may launch a rocket or missile as it seeks concessions installed nuclear talks with the U. S. in recent saber rattling they made comments about a Christmas gift CNN is reporting that gift might be a new hardline anti US policy in taking denuclearization off the table because they perceive president trump to be politically vulnerable after the house impeachment vote wins used on twelve fifty one let's go to traffic and transit with Elliott Doshman okay we have the have traces imagine getting back up to speed newer to World Trade Center remains somewhat delayed the Hackensack river bridge always been successfully lock that was the problem to begin with New Jersey transit rail and bus discontinuing the across honoring of tickets for path at one PM cross Bronx expressway still miserable westbound from castle hill Avenue right up to the bridge going to be awhile before you get out to New Jersey Westchester you have a crash with injuries on the hardships north bound north of exit nineteen will my road in your show and watch for some debris in the roadway on two eighty seven that's westbound between exits twelve and eleven here's what we see long island's big three a slow ride on the L. E. into Glen cove road but really that's about the only trouble spot I see right now through Nassau and Suffolk northern states on this thing looking good never parkway still slow southbound from the northern state parkway over to old country road in the vicinity of Roselle field of course a lot of shopping still going on today last minute there shoppers out there.

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