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The Humane Society of the U. S. Carol these Austin York explains an undercover investigator from the Humane Society of the United States was planted as a worker at the pet land store in Frisco Nikki pray there with the Humane Society says they found many sick animals that were never given proper treatment a lot of. vomiting and there were there were some happy that we're just too weak to eat and they were being forced back for up to a week she says they handed their findings over Frisco authorities the pet land owner was cited for failing to provide proof of veterinarian care upon request but authorities say they have found no evidence that meets the Texas statute for cruelty to animals Atlanta not responded Carol these requests for comment Austin York newsradio ten eighty care all the more than four thousand GM workers in Arlington are on strike after contract negotiations between the UAW and the auto maker broke down over the weekend wages healthcare in plant closures are among the major sticking points in a video statement Gerald Johnson with GM says the company has put together a strong proposal we think this offers very sound and strong with investments in job creation you a W. spokesperson Brian Rothenberg however disagree issue a W. members not so long ago help save the company that many people didn't think was going to survive they stood up. and now they want the company to stand up for them at the table members of the U. a local to seventy six are picketing in front of each entrance to the GM plant in Arlington driver sympathetic to their cause of been honking their horns at them as they drive by let's not update to a central Texas girl infected with a brain eating ameba Carol the center Greenstein is outside cook children's Medical Center with more the family of ten year old lily Avon has announced that lily has died whatever ons Lonie Aiden posted on her Facebook page that Lilly fought the good fight and built an army of prayer warriors around the world doing it and that she has gone to be with Jesus a week ago lily was swimming in the brasses river and soon thereafter she had a headache and a fever which quickly escalated to the point where she became incoherent and unresponsive the maybe she contracted normally kills the person affected by it within five days and according to the lowly strong Facebook page only for people who have been affected by it have survived outside cook children's Medical Center in fort worth Andrew Greenstein newsradio ten eighty KRLD of fort worth man who wanted to join the terrorist organization in Pakistan has been sentenced to twenty years in federal prison okay all these L. P. Phillips reports the man's skills for terrorism no may have needed some fine tuning last year Michael Soule trying to recruit one man to join the Pakistani group less scary to leave up he told another he wanted to join as well both were undercover agents the agents answer will what skills you could bring to the fight soules said he could shoot a hand gun and was proficient in bold boxing and Greco Roman wrestling former US attorney Richard Roeper wonders how serious tool was set on line apparently and get Lasix surgery before you could travel over so that's obviously an issue that the judge would consider and how much time and does he deserve the judge wasn't amused locking school up for twenty years. waving any fines noting the nineteen year old didn't seem to have any money anyhow LP Phillips news radio ten eighty K. realty we've got some serious back up along westbound six thirty five we'll have more for you coming up with your traffic and weather together on the aids in sixty seconds let's say you just bought a house bad.

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