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And you need to go there ready to fight for it Perlman. He's going to be back with us to show us some some of his stuff. Yes, I'm his work. Jessica hand you stay here. I can't have your mind blown. Yeah. Perlman's with us is the Tom shillue show. We'll be back. Wake up and text. Text and eat. Tax didn't catch the bus tax. Didn't miss your stock. Taxed and be late to work. Sorry taxed in work. Texting pretend to work. Texture next surprised when someone calls you out for not working? Text in meet up with friend. You haven't seen in forever. Texting complain that they're on their phone the whole time. Text and listen to them complain that you're on your phone the whole time. Text in whatever. But when you get behind the wheel give your phone to a passenger put it in the glovebox, just don't text and drive. Visit stop texts stopwrecks dot org. A public service announcement brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. Okay, man. This is your time. Maybe you didn't choose this. You're here now. You're going to go out there and be an all star caregiver it's up to you. So what are you gonna do? You gonna go grocery shopping cook clean be there. Emotionally, and physically you gotta dig deeper driving, the physical therapy, doctors appointments, don't you forget about the pharmacy. No, you won't because that's what caregivers do..

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