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Cargo six fifty eight news radio what forty WHAS our top story Kentucky flu cases are trending upward the department of public health says there are about two thousand new cases that were reported in the past week at least fifty people have died for were under the age of eighteen Lexington pharmacist clearance Sullivan says we have seen patients trickle in for flu shots but not like they should you know there's no who he said people should be coming in for flu shots and there's no reason they have not been and he says it's not too late to get your flu shot the World Health Organization is sounding an optimistic note in the fight against the corona virus the group's director general said today the number of new cases is going down he also said the death rate for covert nineteen as it's called is lower than other viruses because most people will get better it was also revealed that children aren't getting a fat infected as much a second man accused in a fatal southern Indiana hit run has turned himself in Samuel Smith Christian Pittman and a sixteen year old are accused of traveling to hers and county last week to buy marijuana from twenty one year old Chrissy Grimsley when the group attempted to drive off without paying Grimsley hung on to their trucks door she was thrown from the truck and later died from her injuries according to Harrison County sheriff's officials Smith turned himself into authorities this week just a few days after Pittman did the same the juvenile involved will also face charges Haley Hanssen news radio wait forty WHAS southeast Kentucky recovering from record flooding the Cumberland River in southern Kentucky spa finally receded leaving behind a mess Kentucky Baptist relief volunteer Dave Hampton is helping people in Whitley county remove damaged items from their homes and stripping the interiors down to the studs turned out anything that's damaged put it on the street or in a dumpster and they will clean all the mud out of the house is the house as we assess that so for all of them have mud in a invoice from quarter of an inch to five or six inches of mud meanwhile in Mississippi that states governors telling people not to go back to their flooded homes just yet officials had to release more water from dams and that's making the flooding even worse entire neighborhoods are under water with up to a thousand homes damaged police suicides continue to draw attention across the country ABC's Erin to Turkey reports another NYPD officer is being mourned in New York attractive Paul Federico hang himself inside his mother's home in queens he had been on the force twenty nine years and was most recently assigned to the police commissioner's office ten NYPD officers died by suicide in twenty nineteen detective Federico this was the first in twenty twenty the NYPD and a number of police departments across the country have been dealing with a rash of suicides.

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