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Mike L. P., welcome to inside the studio and thanks for having US man although none of us are actually inside anything resembling studio. I'm in my living room elfi year. Where are you I'm just I'm just on a deck. I'm just on a deck. It's not a death, okay? Dj on this particular deck, but No, no literal would deck. and Mike. I'm in my God dining room. Nah I watched inside with African masks on the wallet chip. Nice obviously run the jewels four episode for a Yankee in the brave as she put it on. The first track has been received as one of the best albums of the year so far in most definitely an album that helps people whether they're listening like me on their headphones around the street. Cope with things right now, and how's that field? It's been amazing I i. You know it's connected with people on a level that we you know are blown away by you know. I think people love the music I think people I think the music is is is giving people, energy and I think that people are connecting with the spirit of the Dang, so I'm I'm honored man I'm I think that we just make. We just made music and we try. Please each other you know. Make sure that we feel like we wrapped. You know who we are and You don't know how people are gonNA. React to it, but we felt like this was a special record, so to to to how people react like that is is, is amazing heels damn good? Awesome hip hop. Shit like I'm loved it. Crimes and it resonates. On Levin at people are wrapping words. A missing all I look forward to get out on the road next year, but just the perfect phrases. It just feels a Of course a lot of people receiving it as a very much an album at the moment and I have to say that tracks like pulling the pin. Do feel that they could have been written by ten minutes ago, but I've read that the album was originally scheduled for release in April and it is after all a run the jewels out, and you go back to thieves from run the jewels three, and and you could hear music that fits this moment. You go back to early back. You know you go back to close your eyes. You can go back to you know I. think that we. The truth is is that. People are tune into that frequency right now, and and and but the truth, but like you said I mean this album was going to drop in April and We, made it in two thousand and nineteen. So you know this is where this is where we were at in our heads in terms of our art, and what we were looking on the things that we were tackling and. So you know. You kind of wish that someday. Those types of some of the ideas that feel really relevant right now will never feel relevant again. You know that's that's the hope you know me. And Mike can do to our version of the kid and play kick, step or whatever it is, we gotta come up with to like you know. Make happy music basically Those those things are connecting with people and more than anything. We wanted to give people something that just had life to an energy to it and a little bit of That we didn't want something that was. That felt like it was despair. We want something I've felt like. It was resilient something. I've felt like you know it could translate like. Puff your chest out a little bit like. Yeah, you know the you know. We see what you know. Some of the things that are going on and yet I. Don't think you walk away from his record. Feeling defeated. I think that you walk away from his record. Feeling Energy I. I hope you know no I mean I would say a lot of it is fight music right? Yeah, yeah, for sure thinking, man's fight music or thinking people's fight music as it were for sure but one thing that really resonates. I mean Mike. You've talked about this. You've talked about hearing from people who are out protesting that they've taken up that track walking in the snow as they march. Yeah, and that's such a strong record musically and wearily, but. It is a fight song on some level right it is enter. People have to understand fight into internal and external fighting is Donald Spiritual and physical fight. You know it is warfare philosophy, an ideology, good versus evil? It is absolutely fight song, and it gets. You motivated it is is really moves and dare I say his crump Kazaks. What boom in that Memphis accent and energy gays to what the feeling was? That out in you know so, but the world does get so cold. You're walking in the snow and people out. There have called me. The homeys call me from Tampa Saint Pete the home cars New York. COMMUN- from La. At different times with that record was playing as people protesting, so I'm very proud to have made up. The net fits the mood of the moment that motivates people and put the movement forward. Pay Moment for like you said it is. You nailed it when he said it's. It's it's. It's thinking man's five music because really. The fight that we are the way that we're fighting on that song. It's been particular as we're fighting intellectually against some of the concepts and some of the ideas that people are accepting. You know I think that there's an there's there's some obvious things that resonate really quickly with people like for instance, the clear thing about my who was referencing. Eric Garner's death and obviously that resonated really quickly, and very clearly with the moment of just very very publicly. Had you know everybody experiencing those words being uttered again in the death of another black man in America, but what me and Mike are doing through the subtext of that whole song is trying to challenge and really debate some of the some of the mind frame, and some of the intellectual positions that people. People are taking. That are allowing this stuff to happen. That are allowing our ideals to be compromised and that's what I think. Is there in the song underneath it all one when it finally you know once that shock of of there being something that sounds you know really clearly at the moment I think that there's something deeper there as well you know Mike. Saying you know never forget that you know. Your own you know by. Jesus was. Me Challenging the idea of being you know if you're a Christian and yet you somehow find yourself politically on the side of people who are caging children. then. Perhaps you're not as Christian as you purport to be to yourself and to others you know. You know so. It is a fight, but I think it's a fight for the hearts and minds of all of us. You know it's not a record that says go out and fight physically, although that's a result that can happen in in culture on that you know sometimes has to happen, but really that record is is a record of us saying like Hey. Let's take this to task. Let's fight against these ideas. If you really want to back up your, you know if you really want to back up your position, you know here's here's our arguments could. Could you know you know there's some production choices on this track? We're talking about walking in the snow. The really hit me. The more I listened to it and one in particular. You take that that channing noise that SORTA posse effect, Yoyo, noise out from the back, and it becomes a whole different track right because you. He was that sense of community, but you also lose a little bit of that fighting spirit that we're talking about right if you were to. If you were to take it out. If you were to take it out, so tell me a little. Little bit about how this track comes together like. Let's just talk about the recording the concept. How does this all Mesh which comes first? Has It happened this track more than maybe any on the album evolved like really far from what it originally was elements of what it originally was made it into the trap, but originally it was just one beat. It was a little bit more just straightforward all the way through. It was kind of just this soulful funky beat. We both lay down our our our main.

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