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Celtics need to win to 3 in these games to get there safe a little bit of face and gets a respect back. We'll see what he brings but I think I'm some I think some of these Superstars are saw Stars All-Stars that you deal with and you get to know are very confident. They never lose it and there's like Kimba who will show that he's lost confidence and I think Kim was lost confidence. I think he's frustrated. I think he feels like I should be able to hit any open shot. I take he's not getting them. I mean they were so many times in New Orleans where he could have turned the tide of that game and stopped a run or brought the Celtics back or her gave him a seven-point lead when we was for and divorce was charging you missed. It opened you missed it open 3, and then he takes that three-pointer when they're down three after Brandon Eagle hit the go-ahead 3 just quit three myths like dead. You know, he was what he went to 4:17 from 3 until that fourth quarter in Dallas. So what are we dealing with? Are we dealing with that Kimba? Are we dealing with the fourth quarter Kimba in Dallas? And will he ever off when when he's just up and down? I don't think that helps his team. I don't think it helps the team when you don't know whether to depend on him for scoring and for that type of like spark plugs and maybe it's going to take another month. I don't want to put a tab and we've done washed. There's a young people say, I don't want to say that yet because I could take another month for his knee in his Durance to get back to where he's like. Hey, he's back to pre cuz if you look at his first two months in Boss increased, press before like that like up to mid January from November to mid January. I mean he was he had a 39-point game. I mean Kimba was dead. All Star Kim, so it's hard to believe like he just lost all of that. I think it's confidence though. And I think that he's gotta try to get it back with her. It'd be just hitting the gym talking to him by colleges whatever like, you know, whatever it takes for him to get that Swagger back that.

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