Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, Russia discussed on Global News Podcast


It's interesting to know the speech that nieto gave which he began the brok us just two minutes off the police made their recommendations public seem to also come having caught the prime minister of god the allegations that he was responding to with the allegations that we thought were going to be based on him potentially having given a visa to some of these billionaires potentially having helped them get visas to america but he didn't specifically relate to the allegations that the police put forward that the police the recommended he stand trial for so we'll see in the coming days how significant that will be both for those within netanyahu's party whether the gun to stand by him and for the opposition parties at the moment it seems that these allegations a much more serious than previously believed and could potentially even before any any sort of legal trial begin could potentially bring the government down right i'm just briefly rally in in terms of the probe the process cam mr netanyahu stay in office all through this so when you turn if the attorney general does decide to press charges will that be it politically according to israeli law the prime minister can stay in office even when indicted even when found guilty he the only time he'll be forced to step down is when appeals court upholds that conviction in the case of prime minister ehud olmert who served time in prison for corruption he re he resigned just before the attorney general put forward the the charges against him but he could have potentially stay in office for another seven years according to annoy the prime minister could stay on for for a number of years as the trial is expected to if it goes ahead or hank many years but the public pressure would likely be so that he he would not be able to rao woodcliff of the times of israel claims that russia has interfered in the us political system and nothing new now america's spy agencies say that moscow is still medley.

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