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And we are open for business right now friendly knowledgeable rescue consultants can help to answer any of your questions we're talking about or seen here with the developer of rescue or seen dr jeffrey shapiro and doctor who would be a candidate to take rescuers seen obviously you said somebody comes to you and they're complaining about fatigue and low energy level but is there a candidate out there so should somebody be taking it as a in a proactive manner i'm going to do a certain age where maybe you should start supplementing with horsing it's a great question and i can tell you that if you're if you're not even if you're younger if you're not an athlete you could start taking or scene at a very young age i would say you can start in your teams and and almost i'm almost going to say that you know i don't treat a lot of pediatric patients or children under the ages or patients under the age of eighteen but i gotta tell you there's a lot of kids out there who unfortunately are disabled from certain disorders sort of adhd and chronic fatigue syndrome and and just repercussions of maybe depression and things like that if you want to boost your energy you can certainly give or seen to a young a young child and and there's no there's no harmful effects of it it's creating energy it's creating a natural energy so i would say there is no age cutoff going downward and certainly not an age cutoff going upwards so anybody can take it and and i gotta tell you it really does improve your overall feeling that feeling that you will i improve your motivation to do things so if you have a lazy kid out there was just sitting on the computer and doesn't wanna play or get out and exercise try some morrison see what happens and i'm sure within a week or so he's going to say mom i really feel better a dad.

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