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Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Outbound Go on us. You don't move. Don't split to the Verizon or because of the work getting on. The Staten Island about upper level of the eastbound belt near Bay Three. You've gotta crash. It's off to the shoulder, but everybody wants a look. See. I'm Greg Rice. Our next reported 5 31 on 10 10 wins on a Cuomo not necessarily thumping his chest but well, virtually sticking out his chest today over the way, New York responded to the Corona virus, he says it was touch and go for a minute. We still have to be on guard. But he told CNN today. We hunker down and depended on facts and science and didn't succumb to politics and forced three openings without precautions. He says. The reason New York reached the milestone Corona virus cases below 1000 for the first time since mid March. Now they're saying, we don't worry that it's not really that the virus is going up. Just the testing numbers are going up. I don't even know what that means. Mathematically on. Forget that your hospital beds are filling up. You know what that means? When your hospital beds fill up It means more people are getting sick. That's what's happening with the good news from the governor and the mayor. There's the potential for a lot more things to do here in the city as we head into Phase three Juliet Papa with that New York City taking the next big step, Mayor de Blasio says all looks good to begin. Phase three. We're on track to open up on Monday, July 6, and that means that sports and recreation Khun Resume, you'll be able to play basketball volleyball. Bochy bring your pet to the dog run! They're still so Well, distancing that has to be achieved in different ways, Face coverings in different ways, He says. Free face coverings will be distributed at these locations. His honor says The virus numbers have been consistently low, and with expanded testing and tracing, he thinks it will stay that way. Julia Papa. 10 10 wins. News. Meantime, New Jersey's death toll went up last night way, but officials say it's only because they went ahead and added 1850 for probable deaths to the current death count, so the overall number went to 14,872. Murphy says those were the dance where no covert 19 tests were ever given, so they didn't know However, many of the deceased underlying symptoms were probably caused by the virus, he says. So when you have that number of probable deaths, adding it to the big number, it goes up. Murphy says he doesn't expect that number to grow significantly even said the state would report on the deaths every week as we go forward. Also says Keep your ears open tomorrow. He expects to reveal the plan for reopening schools this fall. So how is it going to work today? After the tri state governors announced the mandatory quarantine for anybody entering the area from a covert hot spot, Governor Cuomo telling CNN today. In that same interview, the law will be enforced The random chance If you come in from another state, you have to self quarantine for 14 days. If you don't on you get caught, You will have violated the law. You could be fined. It's like any other law. You know you can speed in your car, and if you don't get caught, you're fine. You can have you can drink too much and getting a car and drive home. And if you don't get court, you're fine. White House says the quarantine announcement will have no impact on the President's plans to spend this weekend in Vet Minster even though he was in Arizona yesterday. Spokesperson says the president is quote not a civilian. And so he's not subject to the rules. There's been no comment from Governor Murphy's office. The president has taken to Twitter, though, to voice his displeasure with Mayor de Blasio. You saw this coming specifically, the mayor's plan to paint a black lives matter Mural in front of Trump Tower. Tweet says pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon, referring to killing. Police is their chant in what police are furious. Well for the record, Neither of those chants have been prominent at black lives matter, Demonstrations in the city or anywhere else for that matter. City Hall says work on the mural could start within the next week yesterday at the Blasio spokesperson called the president a quote, disgrace to the values we cherish in New York City. Wins news time. 5 26 Now. Bloomberg Money watches Andrew Okay, he saw day of trading for Wall Street. But at the end, we don't see any of the losses we saw down Game 300. NASDAQ added 180 S and P 500 up 33 Thanks to a late day surges, traitors tried to strike a balance between worry over the economic drag from Cove. It Specially following a reading showing almost a 1,000,000 1/2 people applying for new jobless claims last week with changes to banking regulation, US controller of the Treasury rolling back to tenants of the Volcker rule. Put in place to prevent another 2008 style financial crisis. Stock in Modena, which is working on a vaccine for the virus dropped more than 5% today, but not because anyone has lost hope in the vaccine. Instead, investors are losing hope in more daring its ability to make money from it. Axios reports the National Institutes of Health may own some of the intellectual property used in its development. It means Uncle Sam might claim a split of the revenue if it proves effective. Lumbered money watching 26 56 past every hour. Amanda Rhodey for 10 10 wins. Now this message drivers looking for out of town fairs called Dial seven today to 1 to 7777777 Wins news time. 5 27 Switch to Sprint and get our best unlimited deal ever four lines of unlimited for just $100 a month. Plus, we're including four amazing iPhone Elevens on us when you trade an iPhone successes or newer in any condition,.

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