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I just I think taking them away again I go kind of back and forth on this I just think taking away it's that you can't hide our history let's just talk about it let's get it out in the open as far as the on I actually think that the president actually was very articulate in his tweet there about the base is being renamed but I have to say when you think about it we're asking black soldiers to serve and be trained at bases that are named after you know guys who fought to keep them as slaves so that's I can I can see how that would be sort of people the wrong way but he is not and never served in the military so I don't know this is a fact that I think a lot of the men and women black white or any other shape other than if they were taught why Ford Bragg was named Fort Bragg Fort Hood name Fort Hood Fort Benning name Ford many probably few if any of them would have known that I agree I mean now it's becoming an issue because it's become an issue people are raising it but done it's the president makes a really good point I mean these are hallowed places where people are heroes have been turned out and they were turned out as good soldiers training at Fort Bragg soldiers training at you know I think it it it's sort of become a bigger thing than just the name of the United States Marine Corps they have a series of battle flags which still fly during up like a parade they'll have like a few dozen battle flags that were flown over the years and one of them is the Confederate battle flag that will no longer be flown to the United States Marine Corps I said out of the many battle flags that have existed before that the core would fly normally in parade March show that no Confederate flags so it's almost like in every aspect of our history culture look when we think of the Deep South we think of maybe the greatest movie of all time ever made it's been voted down gone with the wind apparently is gone with the wind well on H. B. O. Max it is and I I can't imagine they're going to keep this I mean that's ridiculous it's a movie the theory is that it glorifies slavery it's a movie it was a movie that was made in a time where our attitudes were different on and there's so much more to the movie than slavery I mean it's just I think this is when it starts to become absolutely ridiculous what you know is interesting when I first saw gone with the wind I looked at it in three perspectives you sure the role that was played by the lead actor there I'm trying to remember his name right here with the big ears yeah rip out there what was his name that's right right now I swear to god you with menopause until you having chill Biden Joe Biden is but anyway he he was a profiteer remember him in his partner they will profiteers they supported no side if they could sell if they could sell weapons and supplies to the north to destroy the south where they were it didn't matter if they could sell it to the shop they would judge profiteers then you had the the lady servant I think won an Oscar for that young black but she would see old characterization of light like many right what you would see on and Jemima the engine light came back and then you had Sherman whose troops just burned everything so the union general Sherman who by the way as a person it was a hot mess this guy beat up his wife he was an alcoholic he burn everything down he killed everything in its path the war was over and you know what he said to his troops I mean the war was over everybody get let's bomb Charleston South Carolina on we going home and they bring in Charleston South Carolina so to me it was a better way of learning history then I had actually read in the books because I can see the profiteers who couldn't care who want just as long as they made their money this stereo type of blacks but also the union you wore his cycle really brutal and they take part everything down they kill they rape they pillage and even killed on their way going home when the war was over the other thing about this is that these a lot of these statues are works of art and you know you I'm the first person to say I can't stand it when you have all these weird looking art that's just like a you know nonsensical but when you have beautiful pieces of art they it's bronzes and statues and things like that that's that's another issue to think about I just don't think that that it needs to be destroyed and thrown in the river like they were doing over in the U. K. but I think that it's definitely a great talking point it's an amazing history lesson right there in the flesh and just put up a and an addition to the plaque what about that it's a little bit more when I started the guardian angels in Tokyo one of the Tokyo guardian angels took me to the military cemetery where all the Japanese soldiers and naval people were buried and this cemeteries are very small in a way it's not like America very small but you know that our leaders when they visited Tokyo would never go visit the red Chinese obviously not south Koreans because you know the Japanese with ruthless but I at least had an opportunity to see it for myself and senator that.

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