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She's gonna be making some type of a special announcement something along those lines right and maybe one of the things that she could talk about is oh you know. Hey hey w fans great to be with. You guys feels like it's been forever as you guys know. I had gave birth and just see the crowd clapping for. It adds sharing her. You know hall thank you thank you thank you the you know we we just so blessed everything that's been going on in our lives right now and you know As you guys know some you guys may know we got this new show. That's going to be premiering on. Tnt i definitely wanted to show you guys in schools of clip you. You're not gonna be able to find find this clip anywhere else is specifically for you guys and then they go to that clip. She shows the exclusive clip. An an. maybe after that maybe she could make some type of other special announcement whether that is you know. Hey on behalf. Aws is also wanted to say for those of you got your tickets to all allow you know we were sold dow in. Oh thanks you guys you know appreciate you all some shit like that malachi black pops up. That's all you gotta do. Malachai black shows up lights. Go black lights come back on. Malachi black is standing right there in the middle of dory. Now maybe you have tony shirvani. There a look tony. Show vanni cody man. We've seen that constantly. Since two thousand nineteen there is that there is that kana father son or or uncle to nephew type of relationship. Going on there between tony. Shivani and cody. So maybe you have tony in the ring that has interviewing brandy and all that giving her tonight set up and she's saying xyz or whatever hell you could even make an announcement that you're going to be doing a special. He au heels edition during all weekend for the ladies. You could even mention that okay non wrong with that but you get the points that i'm making after she does all that light. Go off. lights comeback gone. Tony show vanni laid out brandy. Rose is looking around. She sees tony shivani. She wrote races over to him. He does not see malachi black by the time she sees malachi black. You know he's pretty much too late sale like she's looking at death. Just backup in tool fucking corner. Just fucking scared. I don't know what she's got to do to get herself crying. Think about a recent Loss or dino favorite pet that died as a.

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