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The cancel culture claims another scalp. The media are mostly to blame but we delve deeper to a much more disturbing truth. The media gives us exactly what we want. Then the left ratchets up the rhetoric on climate change we examine why the new environmental militarism doomed to fail and finally Andrew Yang Learns learns that his vote buying scheme might not be totally legal who would have thought that all that and more on Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show got another one that cancel culture got another one. This is a Guy Shane Gillis Gillis. I think his name is pronounced. Who you've probably never even heard of Shane. Gillis was just brought onto Saturday night. Live gets this big new GIG and he's gone and take it away and it's all over. We knew this would happen. This was the inevitable consequence of two or three days ago when Shane Gillis first came into the cancel culture culture crosshairs now it has happened. He gets brought into Saturday night. Live then he loses Saturday night live and this response. He tweets out. I'm a comedian who it was funny enough to get. SNL that can't be taken away of course. I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL but I understand it would be too much of a distraction. I respect respect the decision. They made honestly grateful for the opportunity. I was always a mad. TV Guy Anyway just funny. That's a obviously very gracious. Shes a witty way to end it as a little joke about how he prefers the rival comedy sketch show Mad TV really it's the only decent option he had had you can either make a big deal about it and complain and whine but that wouldn't be a good look and nobody knows who is anyway so it wouldn't reflect well on him anybody who still likes. US An al all ten n people in the audience or going to prefer SNL to this random guy so he made the correct Joyce. He made the best option that was in front of him but this is wrong. This is outrageous. He just and this is wrong. Show business is very hard all of it acting writing directing all of it all of it is very difficult to get work of any kind in show business. Comedy is probably the hardest of all. It's the hardest of ultimatum. It's not hard to get these little gigs but you get a few gigs and comedy get paid peanuts and pretty much. You're guaranteed to dine obscurity unless something magical happens which is you could get picked doc. Maybe for a role on the Sitcom. Maybe get a role in a movie or something but those are really hard or you get the pinnacle of the comedy jobs which is Saturday night live and then maybe from there like Jimmy Fallon you go from Saturday night. Live to having your own late night. Talk show or something but there's there one or two of those jobs Saturday night. Live is it. That's the GIG. This guy made it against all odds. He makes it to the top of the comedy pack and then the swarm came in and took away. I every single thing from him because of jokes he made a year or more ago that we're just jokes and he's a comedian telling jokes and now it's all gone..

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