Dassault, Eubank discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast - Jon Wants to Touch the Rock - #462


People need shoes tech against the rocks and then she is no no think about it i'm trying i'm look man brandon i'm trying to get there they can't bring infinite shoes with them to the moon yet like two pairs of shoes maso where how are you making the issues i dunno i have a business i'm sure there's some say importing them are so quick to that i would have a movie theater and a movie theater watching a movie beyond the moon like a drivein if you had a drive in and he had like the you know the earth in the background of those your view like that'd be cool for dassault if you have to have dragen american moon course yeah eubank the new cars and all muellheim and butchered to good mood car torture car you can't just walk in uber food got her is moon choose proud that beset of the rt podcast is brought to you by moons years drivein theatre would only play like stuff like they would actually just play rocket man disney's rocket man over and over again that's the only movie to ever play xe they go to mars met move moon shoes we'd watch waltzing bromate what would you need on the moon food an air and the necessities me like what would entertainment ordered of them them trying to figure liked what bridal subsidies would be your on a brothel y'all you gotta moon fuck i don't know how does fucking have has anybody falcons force oh you know the international space station is just ate orgy fed up with this gotta be i mean i don't know out here the russians have.

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