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Center four cars were hit by gunfire this afternoon on highway five oh nine and there's an all out manhunt going on for the shooter johnson's with the washington state patrol swat teams methodically going through the tree line trying to find whoever did this no one was hurt komo's charlie harder is on the scene a frightening time for drivers on highway five oh nine this took place just before one forty five that's when four different cars were hit by gunfire now fortunately no one was hurt but certainly some very scared drivers swat teams reported from all over the area highway five oh nine was shut down near seatac airport for several hours eventually though detectives were unable to find whoever did this so now we have police on the side of the road gathering evidence is still quite a distraction on highway five nine but traffic is finally getting through and police are searching in an all out search who did this they're trying to find out and of course we find out we'll bring that along to you reporting from near seatac airport charlie harder komo news republicans are upset with the trump administration refusing to defend the most popular parts of obamacare senator patty murray trump administration announced it would abandon the parts of the law that prevent healthcare discrimination against women against seniors against those with pre existing conditions the department of justice argues that because congress repeal the individual mandate those other provisions are now unconstitutional republicans are pushing back as well the mar alexander chairman of the senate health committee calls the administration's argument quote as far fetched as any i have ever heard organizations combating regions homeless problem are having to come up with a plan b after seattle's controversial head tax was repealed komo's jeff pohjola has more ahead tax was supposed.

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