Lawrence Welk, David Letterman discussed on Monday Morning Podcast


Performance on the david letterman program number five my fifth time going to go out there and do some stand up and i'm putting together the set right now very confident i think everything's going good it's ahead of schedule and tonight i'm literally going to sit down and before i go out i have it all worked out and i just have to type it out like my jokes are easily i can take the curse words out easily because so much of my cursing is not even necessary i just liked to do it and then because i love getting the emails like so much your cursor thing you don't even need it fucking people who sit there and they think that clean comedy is like this unbelievable thing like how do you do it i just don't understand it you know it's i'm not saying it's it's it's a bad thing but the way people like that that right there that's a pure that's pure fuck you know at that that's like watching lawrence welk because they're just so wholesome that you just think that none of those guys in that band are racist you know you know people who watch clean comedy and then just think see right there that's what comedies on funk funk and those are the same people who like their neighbor ends up being a serial killer right and they always say the same shit he was so nice like what is your definition of nice because they say hello to you every morning.

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