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Came here on the fan coming up next hour. We'll get little NBA talk. And it's been heavy on the baseball so far Howard Beck is down in Charlotte covering the NBA all star weekend for Bleacher report he'll op aboard with us next hour getting your calls here. Like one from Sulina. I'll bill. Hey, sal. Hey, jodie. How I. Listen talking about well, first of all the guy kind of pushed you I know it's called you come up with numbers. On the back end of his contract. But they're paying slightly more than for the first year in less than four for each of the other four years. So there's basically a four million dollars off after. Yes. So the metric close to twenty million. So it wasn't eventually found him. He was making it sound like the to get front. They're just take a loss on the back end. That's not the case it's fairly well spread. I love it. A life of what's left up? Can I was contract? I know if you if you know, you wouldn't have screwed it up so high. Listen, screw it up at all. I just didn't have it handy. I look at it. Exactly what it was. Yes. So you're right. I mean, you screwed it up. I'm just saying that, you know, exactly what it would have been no question anymore. You don't. Severino. We're talking yesterday and the more. I think about it this kid aside from the Yankees pitcher him not being confident in some people were talking about I don't buy all I think she can bet on himself this way. He's got the next three or four years. He doesn't have to think about should. I take a little off the ninety nine for the next year or two shade. Take a little off the eighty eight mile and Alice lied to try and save some bullets that I don't kill myself. He can go all out all out clear, conscience, give everything he's got every single game to the five years. And if he ends up long out in Elba like everybody, usually does he's got five years of protection the one year that he's gonna be out and most of the next year where he's not gonna be the same guy. And then he's still twenty nine. Clubbing and this kid if things go, right? There's nothing wrong with six years. One forty I call them and got on top of the five years and fifty two does this all with a clear mind, and I don't see this as as Nola or him saying from freight to bet on myself. Let me take awhile I can in any of that nonsense. I just think a smart move. Hey, and sometimes hedging is the way to go some guys go year to year. Aaron Nado is certainly played it that way and stole the chips. I think it was like five then he did a two year deal. So they bought two out of two years out arbitration, and he got almost twenty and this year twenty six flat out for one year. So he got upwards of sixty million for the four years. He was in the arbitration process. He went more basically year to year, and he can't stole the tips. Now, we gotta make sure it doesn't get hurt this year because he's going to get a mega pay day next year. This is the NBA. Everybody is facing the same risks with achilles. As and stuff. Like that in baseball. I think if you're a pitcher. You'd be smart if you're gonna hedge you'd be smart to hedge as a pitcher and Severino Lola's case if you're your position player. Like an hour an auto or Machado, or I don't think you need to hedge. I mean, obviously, anybody can get hurt. But you see guys like like Harvey, and and other guys that you know, that two hundred million dollars guaranteed is in the way. I mean, and that he got eleven million. This year is really I think overpay considering walking. I think the angels. Really, they probably could have got into six. Maybe they know something that we don't know. Because I didn't think our view it's getting double digits. Yeah. Absolutely. Not only that. But now, he's he's these positive you're to be available for opening day because he's already heynen the gluten so to speak, and he's he's ready. I you we. Pitchers hedging is an excellent one. If you're gonna do it. You're in that position. Do I take the guaranteed? Maybe I tell myself a little short, maybe I'd benefit permitted. Yes. Pitchers are more likely and more. Well advised to do. So because you just have more injuries with pitchers than you do everyday players, right? Jodi, s usual pleasure. Speaking to you. You have a great weekend. Get back to me brother, Kenneth why coughs up on the fan. Hi, jody. How are you doing buddy? Good couple of things. I college hoops. I'm looking forward to that Kentucky Tennessee game tonight. Did you catch the end of the Kentucky LSU game the other day? I did. Yes. And you know, I didn't realize until they got they went back into the studio Greenberg said that the offensive interference or vascular and not reviewable. They were just looking at the clock to see. But clearly that ball was on the rim. But I wouldn't say clearly. I would say yes, it was. And if you down to the slowest of frames bottom line is. Yes, I think it was interference. But it was damn close. I'm not overly critical of the referees. Wore that because the call they made I thought it was really really really close. I think it should have been. Offensive interference. But it was a hard call to make. Yeah. Let me come to Rutgers hill the CPI done a real good job record since getting here. A couple of wins on the road the place. Iraq is back in because I think it's a sell out tonight. Nice to see that program. And I go back to the days, we're still sellers when they were thirty one before they want vinyl floor, and it's been a long time since we got into the dance and speaking of the dance I mean every year, it's so tough. I think this year one of my sheets, I think I'm actually going to have three and a half year old grandson take teams out, and he'll probably do as good or better than half of the sheets that I submit that's the beauty of. That's why it's one of the major wagering items each and every single year because anybody can do it anybody can get lucky with speaking figured it out the fan duel down to Meadowlands has been really doing. Well, not just Super Bowl. I've been a number of times, but that's one of the horse races. That went down before the Breeders Cup. And you know, there's people. The lines. And I'm listening to some guy in college football, not hearing how much he's bet, but he's been Ohio State this. And then he says, well, let me take the citadel points lecture. How many people are out there? Betting the citadel and the Senate. Yeah. But they're doing well and speaking of horse racing. I think the state just approved a ten or twenty million dollars Jackson. Some of the persons because they really struggling with with mama's, and hopefully, it'll help it. But as you, and I have said there is nothing nothing like our toga. And you gotta make a date this year. I, you know, I always try Keti. Unfortunately, you have my work situation. I'm. A guy who's basically on call. I need to be available. So I cannot ban and how out it any one of the four or five outlets. I work in. So my schedule is not as fluid as it used to be. So I if I make it up to Saratoga it's just going to be the kind of luck of the draw year. Scott nights are five and nine in big ten play. You gotta have a five hundred record. Now, if you tell me that they want a couple of big games, and they got a shot. Okay. Fine. You gotta get to five hundred Dan, they're not eight eight and ten in the big ten is not going to get into the big dance. Minimum. You gotta be five hundred to be able to get in to the NCAA tournament Jesse from precipitous up on the fan HSA. Hey, jodie. How are you? Hey, I was wondering if you'd take a minute. Have you talked about kind the Murray on whether or not you thought it was a good idea for him to go to the NFL. Obviously did I haven't heard you talk about. I think it's his call. I've never seen Kylo Murray. Take one at bat in baseball. So I'm not going to sit here and go. Oh, he's such a good baseball player. Why would he do something like that? I don't know. I know he was taken in the top ten in the draft. So that sits alone as its own evaluation. Now, the as could have been right is wrong. But he was picked where he was back. But I'd never seen him play. So I'm not going to sit here in judgment and go. Oh my God. He's so great baseball play. Why would he go? He's not that good of baseball plays. A great great. He's a better football player. I don't know. All I know is he created a lot of buzz winning is men talking to people who evaluate players draft Nixon the likes scouts. He's certainly jumped up from where he was from the start of the year. That's why. Inside baseball contract because he didn't know it was going to have the kind of year. Did you had for Oklahoma? Yeah. I think that's why when I look at the Machado and the Harper, and even the stuff all the contracts and everything I think people really don't realize that the structure of payments baseball, the big. Contracts blind. Like, do you still want people say stupid idea for him to go play football? He's coming into guaranteed signing bonus money if he takes the risk on trying to get picked in the first round, I feel like on himself the same pitcher but bed he's doing it. Now, he's riding the wave of being Heisman Trophy winner. And I think it's a smart idea for him. Will. And we we will never know after the fact either we know this that if he gets drafted in the top half of the first round then financially he made the best decision. Make because he's no locked ever get two free agency. And baseball knows player. He's going to be a may or may not even make the big leagues for all. We know in his signing. Bonus might be the only big pay day. He ever gets in baseball. And you're right. If he's drafted in the first half of the first round his first contract, and the NFL's bargain is going to surpass anything. He got from just being drafted in baseball one less thing. Jodi, gotta say one shout out. I love you. Luke, Luke, Lou. I said when next you see him. Got time for that will hit the top of the hour here. Don't want to shortchange anybody. Bob, America, Arne from Brooklyn and Scott from James Berg, you'll start the one o'clock hour for me on the phones on the fan. Hockey fans. Wouldn't it be great to just put on a t-shirt.

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