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Hearts and a memorial that is growing very quickly here tonight most of them strangers are coming with things like flowers and balloons stuffed animals looking for some way to express profound grief Nora all right Janet thank you so much prosecutors made their closing arguments against Harvey Weinstein today saying the movie mobile treated his victims as complete disposables and should be convicted of rape thank you but he's has the details during prosecutor Joan Illuzzi is closing arguments today Hollywood tycoon Harvey Weinstein fidget and appeared agitated Illuzzi cold winds dean a predator and master of his universe who viewed as victims as enhance he could step on she reminded the jury that star witness Annabel is your testified Weinstein raped her even as she was punching him kicking him just trying to get him away from her alleged victim Marion Haley says she told the media mogul no no no as he forced oral sex on her in two thousand six during the defense closing argument lawyer Donna were to know argued that prosecutors created an alternate universe that strips adult women of common sense autonomy and responsibility these are people that made choices they continue to make choices Losey fired back today when an adult goes to somebody else's hotel room is the only reason they're going up there for sexual encounter there are no blurred lines here this is a crime and a wanton disregard of other people now it's up to the jury the prosecution needs twelve to convict the defense only needs one for a hung jury and that's a definitely a defense victory the jury of seven men and five women will begin deliberating Tuesday if convicted Harvey Weinstein faces life in prison he will have a second trial in Los Angeles where he is also charged with rape Nora hi Nikki thank you how Florida mother is outraged tonight after the release of body cam video showing her six year old daughter with special needs being removed from her school by police the little girl was held at a behavioral facility for two days when will mark as reports the case is drawing new attention to a controversial Florida law no you're not long jail that six year old Nadia being escorted from our school by the Jacksonville sheriff's officer on February fourth in the squad car the deputy is over her talking to another officer about the girls behavior since leaving the school she's been actually where.

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