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That was the slogan So one of the possibilities and we also know by the way the during this uprising we know this from one of the dead sea scrolls all the congress role of iran. I'll which is actually not. Most of the are arthur. This is on copper and the school lists seventy or so locations of hidden temple treasure. Basically as as the romans came into put down the rebellion. The priestly families who are in charge of the temple so we better hide our treasures in our at our gold furnishings. Whatever before the romans come will retrieve them later and so they they made this list on positive the copper as to where these things were in case it went around to tell them survivors where to find all So one of the possibilities is i'm gonna sold seen the ninth. Legion goes to jerusalem puts down the revolt at some point. All jews are being either murdered or sold into slavery and the priestly family. Say timeout old. On ninth legion. Hold on guys you've gotta deal for you. We've got about one point. Five billion dollars in today's money worth of temple treasure and we want to get out of here. We need our lives saved. If you take us with you out of europe out of the meta training away from the emperor will give you the one point. Five billion and that. I thought made splaine how they ended up collectively. The romans and the jews have roman artifacts and we have jewish artifacts again. The hanukkah fort is a reason to the romans to build something like that will have other artifacts we can look at also without collectively. Explain how we have roman and jewish artifacts in the ohio valley in the second century. So that's again. That's a fiction writer in me putting pieces together. And that's speculative i. I can't say certain that happen. And that's why i say something happened. I'm not sure if i have it right. But that's definitely a possibility. He some evidence. Support that awesome. What have you found out about the relationship between the romans and the various jewish groups the groups in today because a lot of people don't understand this but Do today like all these client states in in the roman empire there's a lot of Kind of vichy. France thing going on you know like hey. The romans aren't so bad. And look at all the good things. And hey let's give unto caesar. What is caesar's kind of thing so it's not like that. So they have their rebellion flank and then they have their herod given to see what is in this time period at the second revolt. Would you did you dig up anything interesting about the relationship there because what you're speculating about. It is to me. Doesn't even sound like a time out time out. It sounds like a. Hey guys. here's an idea kind of thing you know. Well so the relationship with the romans and the end and the roman empire the jewish. This is all during a time period. Where.

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