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Is is spotty that is for sure with a lot of insurance it's it's very it's very tight and if if they do it at all yeah roberts in north austin good morning good morning i love the show thank you you know i hear some eight per evening guys for three to seven evolved school don't monies money austin just got a billion dollar budget that yes and and and pflueger bill just twenty five million dollars on a football field on what what what's the problem with that well they don't have any money to put into security or anything else was the people vote on those football fields generally the people one of the people approve the taxpayers generally mode i want to begin what's that people are going to vote on there all they do it the asta the school district has had several bond packages over the years farrah improving skate school safety and security they they do that i mean he hasn't thing roger sexes a football field here's the thing robert all football fields are funded by baen packages that are separate from the school budget itself and they are approved by the people in that community the voters the voters are the ones that wanted those school board pab you know those footballstyle or yeah and and and and robert if you're not happy with the security your child's school the only people you should be blaming is yourself for voting and the school board that's late easy on those issues this skull board were a storm and douglas high school is they the voters actually in 2014 approved a.

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