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We know more bad choices for my like enough about me. This team is just fat. They're really they're really really bad. They can't they can't block. They can't play defense. There's like true. I sorta like to breitbart on the team. I really shouldn't say to. There's a few bright spots on the team but other than that it's just looking at the pass rush is Big fan did any kind of pressure and when they did it was because being home really good calling up really did played really plays on defense. Unlike the first half which was just a bunch of miss assignments mismanagement and miscommunication. They just cannot run on coverage. Good there's too many times too many times. Tom brady easy. Throw down the team. Because because they keep miscommunicated on zone covered like are we allow sold many twenty plus yard game because of the miscommunication zone. Something they've been doing. Two thousand nineteen and offic line is just jake matthews and chris lynch from trying their hardest to help matt ryan not die. One artist nickel understand. That team is not going to be. We don't have their entry. We do not have their off line. Why you've seen trying to run the ball up little. I do not know. I don't know why you don't know how to use one of the best tight end prospect. I'd ever seen in my life dropping out for because you wanted to use them so you're dropping that for you wanna use them and then you don't use them you don't even know how The game was lost on thirty one when they ran the ball up a little and got blown up not even the punk or the promos off warning. Kershope cut honestly. You can't be an integral on like that. But i don't know thank you thank you thank you thank you for your time. I appreciate it. Let's try to win next week. thank you for calling and i hope it getting all that off your chest a little bit because he did sound really sundeep w and i understand because honestly everything that he said is pretty much true and it is. I mean disappointing. As the words. That i keep coming back to It's it is disappointing. i think that you know he did touch on something that we haven't really gotten to yet today and Wallets two things of the lack of pass rush. Because i feel like we were duped in the first preseason fame without and then Really under utilizing kyle pits. Which is it's my opinion that he's being underutilized. But yet those. I thought were to really good points. Like in his point about when they are able to get home. It's because he is the son kind of you know creative stunt but then it. What's happening the rest of the time you know i will say for dean pees the defense one of the reasons i think the zone has looked at and he's right that the zone defense has looked godawful at times. Lou one of the reasons dean pees likes to show one coverage and then at the snap guys have to get into a different coverage to try in. They're trying to confuse. The receivers are trying to confuse. The quarterback obviously is not gonna work against tom brady. But when you've got a bunch of guys who are experienced in this defensive scheme that could be attributing to them. Not being in places are they need to be. Because they're they're trying to execute a very complicated defense What ps likes to run so Yeah you know. I can't argue with a lot of what he said. The pass rush also say this the first two opponents both had like really really good offensive. Line's the eagles. I think our underrated in that regard They lost jason peters but they had a left tackle in the wing suit as an absolute monster. A man who's playing really well and the the bucks have one of the best offensive lines in football So you know it's they. They do a good job of stopping the pass rush for good teams. Not even dimension the falcons who obviously lacking in that's apartment very true And then yeah. I guess that we haven't really talked about the punter either go we've got a punch or competition in atlanta then. The heat is on a shake punts. Nfl one hundred percent agree with that. And yes one hundred percents. So and also i would like to see more pets You know why'd you drop in for the role. If you're not planning to use have like you must have wanted to use them. So why don't you. And i think that that is a fair question. It is and he did have seventy three yards on sunday. I think. I think that will improve and i think against the giants on sunday. That could be a one of his first big games because of their their secondary. We'll see that that's going to be a very interesting match up to watch when we play the giants on sunday All right on that note. We've got five more voicemails to go. You guys have given us a ton to work with their a lot of fun as last time but before we get into this next batch. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Athletes need their equipment to succeed. Lebron without shoes or serena without a racket is a troubling thing to imagine..

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