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It's time to go inside the cavalier locker room for today's pre-game your interview. Here's dave. I welcome back. Once again, getting Virginia and Miami under the lights right now, we are joined by a redshirt sophomore linebacker in the form of Robert Schneider who has had a long whiting wrote through his short time here at the university of Virginia to get to this point. But one week ago, you get your first start or two weeks ago as it were with a bye week against NC state. I know it's not under the circumstances. You would have liked due to an injury. But nonetheless, give me your take of your. I really really true live action with substantial playing time. It's definitely a lot faster than high school. But his great to be back out there, you know, from the past back on and hit another guy. That's not on my team. We were talking about this a couple of weeks back with your partner in crime there in the middle Zinzan, dear who's also been elevated to that position due to some Trish in that type of thing initially, at least what does that experience been like for you guys both young guys trying to embrace? Do you feel like you're drinking out of a fire hydrant at times? I mean, it's definitely unfortunate about the. The circumstances with Jay Mackin cook. But I mean, we gotta step up. There's really no one else right now. So we gotta take on a role. That's I mean, the leader of the defense the quarterback of the defense, and I feel like we're getting thrown in the fire, but that's the best way to grow. And I think they'll better us. And so far we've been doing all right, and we can only improve from here. So what's been the hardest part of that process for you? The hard part of the process for me is probably just getting comfortable in the middle. Because now I have to make all the calls all attacks. Granted I haven't doing it. But not in the game. And now is a lot more faster. I was looking up to get the calls lined up. And so that's why the most difficult part? It's not as though you haven't dealt with some hard things in your time. Here are mentioned the fact that okay, you redshirt your first year you expect to play in that first year. But then the injury puts you out for the entirety of last year. What was that experience? Like, and what have you taken from it? That experience shows how much football really means to you. Because once you get that taken away for you. You know, some days you question, if you still want to be playing football, but that one year, Mason know, how much you truly love football. And so every day, you know, you can't take any day for granted. You never know is going to be last practice. What was it like finally getting out here again this year after having gone through that exciting? I'm back. I hear my boys playing football the game. I love when it comes to this matchup here a night game. And let me start there. Did you this'll be your third night game of the season now? But at least you're at home. What what is it like counting down the hours? Is you wait for kickoff? In those settings. This is a lot of downtime. It's pretty relaxing. But once once I clock, it's like four you got on the bus kind of the same. You know, the blood flowing is. I mean, that's what you dream of those. Saturday night games on ESPN. So you're going against the top twenty five opponent in the Miami hurricanes a team that's also rolling out a little bit of youth out there as well. Nakoshi Perry just making his third career start as a quarterback. It's a stark contrast to what you faced a couple of weeks back and Ryan Finley who was a sixth year quarterback. Now, you go against a first year starter does that allow you to do some different things as a defense? I think it will allow suppressor more. Granted he is. He only will probably have like one or two checks, but he's still very good athlete. So we gotta keep him in the box because he will be looking to run, and he's an athlete. All right there. It is rob Schneider. Joining us here getting ready for his second career start. We suspect here tonight against the Miami hurricanes. Rob appreciate the time. Good luck in this one. All right. We'll come back in a few moments when we do a health system medical moment. Bolivar sit.

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