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Who is this guy? Where was he located at in terms of his residence? Where is he purchasing firearms? And eventually there is an article, a newspaper article found where he had been fired from auburn PD for shoplifting, dog repellent and a hammer. And he had been fired by this chief of auburn, this Nick willock. So I end up talking to Nick. And Nick, during that conversation, he doesn't know I'm looking at the east area rapist slash Golden State killer case. He talks about when Deangelo was on admin leave during the termination process, Nick's a home, sleep in his bed, and his daughter comes into his room and says, dad, there's a man standing outside my bedroom window shining a flashlight into it. And nicks as Paul, I knew that was Deangelo. I jumped up, I ran outside, I saw shoe impressions all around the perimeter of the back of my house, but I knew that was Joe. And that's when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because I go, that's exactly what the Golden State killer was doing. And it was really, that was really the turning point where I'm going, okay, this Joseph Deangelo, in addition to other aspects about him, that right there is where we need to get this guy's DNA and see if he is the Golden State killer. Right, he's 72 years old living, I guess, married in a middle class community in the Sacramento county. And eventually, you know, you get a people managed to grab some, I guess a tissue from his trash and get a solid confirmation that it's him and a crew goes out arrests him without incident. And although at this point, by the time the arrest happened, you were no longer in government service, right? You'd retired? I had retired. In fact, when he was under surveillance, I was out in Colorado with my wife shopping for a house, and then I'm getting updates about the surveillance, and then

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