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The history but back to two thousand eight the financial crisis started gradually and exploded in on september fifteenth it contributed in november to the election of barack obama over john mccain and so the obama administration began in the throes of this epoch crisis with people losing their jobs in their homes in droves and the new administration faced with a highly daunting task of figuring out what was worth spending money on right if anything to keep the crisis from becoming a second great depression now we're not gonna go through the whole history of the wall street bailouts in the main street bail outs but went obama proposed to help some homeowners avoid foreclosure suddenly the tea party started this moment on television is sometimes seen as the spark that lit the tea party fuse it was on the business channel cnbc where chicago chicago correspondent rick santelli with a group of investors went on this small government rat here's a twenty four second montage of key excerpts the government is promoting bad behavior this is america people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage it has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills raise their hand president obama are you listening chicago tea party in july you can't push they wanna show up the lake michigan i'm going to start organizing all you capitalists showed up and that was february nineteenth two thousand nine rick santelli on cnbc making it seem when you listen to that like the foreclosure relief was designed to.

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