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Story of mine. There's nobody looked down. I I yes I did. What did you think I thought they were? Great I'm glad that parasite one almost all of the great i. I don't know if gal saw knives out this weekend. To people told me that I got to see it Yeah I felt like it should have been included in some of the Oscar nominations and but I'm really happy for parents when the people told you that you said you should see knives out. Did you offer to take selfies with them. Fans who told me to pokes. Did you see two popes. I watched that no good. I watch it on Friday watching stuff about the Catholic Church because I have raised Catholic and I have this sort of. It's really good. It's more of a human life. We're you know it's GonNa be about all the trouble looks better than I like the clips. I liked them but I thought I thought one of the most incredible movies I had ever seen was nineteen in seventeen. I have not have knocked my socks off shocked that it didn't get best director of World War One movie. It's it's a movie yes warm but it's more like a tale of these two guys journey. It's it's it's not like unbelievable. Yeah it's not like your standard war. Movie Denike Dunkirk or saving tourists. Who are Torah? It's basically two young men charged with delivering a message to the front line. And it's about following doing them to the front line and it's if you're saying you're sitting there in that room last night you know you're winning best director. You've got your speech ready you are. There's no chance you're not GonNa win and then you don't like it's just a lot of shots. Were the point of view. They built these giant Trent. Lott of it in one. Take Doc. That's cool. Yeah those videos take music videos remember. There was okay. Go okay go.

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