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If you recall call hbcus are very very small beyond that once you get that the Mississippi the west of the Mississippi. We don't have anything. So so I guess my question is cuz hbcus are predominantly in the South. There's no hbcus up the East Coast pass off young Morgan State in Virginia. You got Howard and they pass it pass, Maryland. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry sorry go ahead and take it back. You got you got you got you guys are Central Ohio. That's HBCU. But not in Wisconsin or Illinois and Nebraska, but they don't have I don't think their history is Richard in California. We have Oakland this right there the birth of the Black Panthers. We have a lot of Rich Black Culture history in the state of California. So I'm wondering why we have never pressed ourselves to have a HBCU in the state of California and I was going to ask you maybe the those wage Park Atlanta the more houses the the fans the Jackson State whoever were those founding members. Maybe they did not have ties out there in the California area or in the Utah Korea or in the Nevada area. Maybe they didn't have that, you know, and I would agree with you and I believe that's that's probably true back when they start first started but now we're here with a hundred years later. And now we do have those times those schools. We do send people we migrated out there to be as part of the school's I'm saying right now in this year this day and time right? We're in the two thousand. Why hasn't it been opposed to be developed like that? And I'm having a dog Guess I'm saying I don't understand with our Rich Heritage. Do we have in the state of California? You've been to California before with major cities like San francisco-oakland El Camino San Diego. We have such a diverse population. That's not such a growth. I mean a big welcome of population. Why hasn't it been presented and why why it's not been pressed and they kept away from specific line though. You gotta go with everybody is Kevin give me a perspective on it off your certain certain topics that that you know, I sit back and learn because I know you work with colleges colleges and college students a lot. So this is probably a topic that is heavy on your mind you think about it and you talk about it because you get a lot of kids that you're putting through to sending them to different colleges to play sports. But for me that question has never crossed my mind, especially now being Forty-Eight having graduated from college in nineteen, ninety six. So that's a question that I would sit back and learn and listen because I have no idea. I can't even in my mind. I'm thinking off. Okay question, then that never even crossed my radar so certain things. I just got to set my mouth up to sit back and listen. So that's one of those things because I have no idea. My question. I'm a I'm an elaborate a little bit on it because I feel I feel that it's such a big need but because we like I said, we we're such a dynamic investors in our community, right? This is Bob whether we spend a lot where where consumers right and we spend a lot of money on that. I don't understand why we can't in the state of California again fourth largest economy in the world, not the United States. We're in the world we compete with we can be twinsies. The United States is one of the largest college. So with this state alone something like that, which I was having so many black folks are so much Latina folks are people are brown-skinned here. How can we don't have something like that took her own. Where's the educational mechanism to get us into these things these trades these companies these partners because we have every industry in the world here from agriculture to cinema towards them. Ami to what? We have biotech engineering we have all the high-tech company issues. We have the we have political science where the state capital here. Everything everything is in California where everybody where else is segregated show me yes, you know certain things that we all these different states. We have it all here. But yet we have all this educational institutions and and and they attract predominantly different races. It is Faith. It does when it does but we have nothing for blacks or people with brown skin afro black whether you afro-latino black or not that we have. We don't have that here and I'm I'm really curious, you know to hear others. In other people's opinion why we don't know why hasn't been approached. I want hear from you co-coach questions, please please elaborate you been around for a minute to tell us what's going on. You know, I don't know, you know, I've no one has ever posed that question to me before and like I said, I never heard of an HBCU until I moved up north to California. I mean, I'm to San Jose wage. And only reason why the HBCU has come to come to play because I had a sociology teacher who was African-American was asking us about why we hang out near or did we consider HBCU and I sat there I say I don't I don't even know what that means. You know, so you bring up a good point. There's there's a lot of rich off of cultures here. I don't know about the funding cuz you know, I do know that with the with the predominantly white institutions, the percentage of African Americans are low in the African American male. So how do we attract them there because you know with the funding's with the money or or some type of a way to get into college and I don't know if if a HBCU will be attractive enough to pull them in from out of state because you know again you get a lot of dead. A lot of money from out-of-state students and so I don't know how you know how to kind of formulate that I need to kind of take that back and talk to my circle of networks you down and see what other you know other brothers are thinking about how here and just to kind of start that conversation cuz that's that's a very good that's a very good conversation to have off and just to kind of get the perspective of others what they think why there's not an HBCU here and I know War history buff and they could probably kind of chime in on this pretty pretty deep. Yeah. I've done I've done I've done a little bit of research on it and and I haven't been able to come to any conclusion or any answer to why except that one that hasn't been brought up, but I know I'm not that bright of the guy that's been the first person to think of that. So I'm sure someone else has thought of it and there's a reason why but I mean, I think something like that could be so impactful because I work in Corporate America. I work for 45 counter all the couples that work for my life have been fortunate five hundred dead. No the argument there is when I asked, you know about hiring black people for one in black males in particular. There is none. They said there's not enough qualified. And to go outside of the state cuz we can go to Atlanta and go get them. But who won the Atlanta is going to going to going to take $100,000 a year job or how to $50,000 your job and move to the to move to the Bay Area to have a roommate wage wouldn't get a hundred fifty thousand in Atlanta and they live like a king. They they got a mansion. They're fun over there. There's no need so that that transition is too hard. So why are we grooming our own in the state of California took to stay here? Because they're used they understand the Dynamics of the economy understand how it is. They understand how to maneuver within the economy when it when it's like that but we have nothing there for us. We don't we don't have any we have we don't have anything for us. So I think having California you're saying going out of state. I don't think we even need to go out of state. We should have an institution this here to spank them it they're mainly will accept you if you come out of state but we have enough student body enough enough black folks enough Brown folks too would feel that school would not a problem because they want to have the black they want to have the HP you experience they want to get the quality education and let's be honest with you. It's great..

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