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When he died think most police say the medical examiner has labeled the death a homicide and they don't know what the suspect lived at the nursing home at the time of the accident the oxygen weather forecast a winter weather advisory goes into effect at six remains in effect until noon tomorrow showers of rain sleet and snow arriving later this evening then steadier mix of rain sleet and snow tonight into early tomorrow temperatures nearly steady thirty to thirty four degrees right now it's cloudy and thirty five feels like twenty seven I came a lax the forecast sponsored by the Penn mutual life insurance company are you considering life insurance if so you owe it to yourself to check out Penn mutual find out how can you tell make supplying for life insurance fast and easy ask your independent adviser go to Penn mutual dot com slash SDL I'm Carole Daniel came up deals you look amazing what's the secret are you sick number three sixty smart he chooses the comfort on his side to side we feel great can help keep you sleep senses are movements and just to keep us both comfortable all night I think it is seven thousand dollars on the green street number three sixty special editions market now seventeen ninety nine plus special finance and Saturday find your local sleep number store go to sleep number dot com special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required see store for details thousand Hey this is Charlie Brown and I'm AT marks for joining me and me Monday through Thursday morning as we discuss the news of the day and talk to great gas stations of the newsmakers entertainers and those you want to hear from.

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