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Blame me for this. Bet. El. All right. Can. We discern real quick. Percentage Chance Ian Stays on Thursday night. GIMME HIGH ON THE PANEL GimMe, ten, Ted. I'm higher than that. I was GONNA say like fifteen also say twenty I'll say twenty okay and really I'm just basing it off of that I think that if France. Will wants it to happen that I do think that that things. That she wants it. So if she wants it bad enough I think that she could potentially work on this. This woman who does not like disappointment does not like to get her way. Or does not like to not get her way and I think that she will put pressure in the areas where it needs to be. I really hope she does because she should not want to lose IAN this quickly like loses Ian and cody gets to keep tyler she is putting herself in a really bad position and I know she's good enough to see that that's why she's having such a tough time today and that's why she's so upset and I hope that she can. pull out the clause and make something happen and who cares if you have to screw over cody because cody sternness grew over you get girl came on mother for her. Jay Mod. That's right. Yeah. All right. Anything else you want to mention. I don't know I think that's eight that movie casts. Fun Rob I want to do one of those. All right. Well, remember we're going to reenact the movie or just talk about it whatever you would like it's up Yell Hey look I can get some whigs. Survivor does come on the air ever again we're going to to get real. Okay. Great. Okay. All right. If something for the crappy movie diaper. Pitcher to uncle. Keady. Absolutely. They go by the way. Rob Makita podcast coming out one hundred episode coming this weekend. A little delayed what it'll be well worth it if you're waiting on that. All right. Maggie, where can people keep up with what you're doing? I am on twitter at underscore Morgan and then I'm on Instagram at L. Morgan underscore and I have a friend who was making fun of me for having two different handles when I'm on the podcast and talking about it, but I can't change it. So on twitter, the underscores I in on instagram after all kind of look. Anytime, you can have people handles with underscores in different places you gotta do it. Okay. I know it's terrible. It's terrible as Rachel would say my brand watching and it's disappointed. Okay of course, we had so much fun today. going. Over. Spaghetti. Salad talking with French William Hung. Everything, where can people get more puja? People. If if they liked what they see when when I'm around, they can.

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