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Worth. Would it was worth everything that went on. It was the funniest thing i've ever seen. You've done it before. But i don't know if it was the jet lag the fact that we'd had like two bottles of wine but something about you flexing your dick need your dick. Give the italian voice and look at your wife or spouse or whomever partner does matter. We're inclusive it is a comedic event and you will have a fantastic time giggling about it. I mean talk about low hanging fruit. This is where i'm at. I like to go. i just think life is funny. It's so fucked up but then it's also so funny. I mean i don't know we're living in paradise richly blessed. What do we have to fucking complain about. We're in europe. We have a great time together. We do have a good time together except when sports with z are involved. Summer's over yet. Okay we're trying to get through it and you know what i've got you the best pubic skin and hair products on the market. 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Hey don't worry about the ingrown hairs don't worry about any of that nonsense. 'cause you know what have used venus products. You're going to be good to go. Check out gillette. Venus g. i. l. l. e. t. t. v. e. and us venus like the planet dot com to learn more about why these products have been flying off the shelves. Now jeff i feel like you would do a great job of breaking down our little adventures modena and i think we just gotta be real honest straightforward while we loved what we didn't love star third time to modina. And maybe can you break down for the audience. Why we go their journey. We go to modina. Because it is another hidden. Gem that has not so hidden anymore After the extensive coverage the that it's gotten yeah over the past couple of years between net flicks and all these food shows and travel shows. That modena's truly fantastic in the sense that it had some amazing world class spots to stop and any feed your face yet two of our favorites being bar schiavone which is a penny no shop that i referenced in any earlier. Instagram post. Where i said heather and i were going to induce ourselves into a coma. That was the place that we were talking about and still had every penny no on the list and didn't feel full felt light airy fresh but satiate. We didn't have every single one. That's so they usually have five. They had six this time one of them. We realize had horse in it. We didn't realize thank god our kind hostess. She understood english and translated the menu for us because at naturally was in all italian when she mentioned horse we will give each other. The look and said we said we're out on that on that one. Now here's the thing. I'm not saying this. I don't want the animal activists. All these people to come out listed everywhere else in the world does shit different. Okay so i don't wanna hear it. I don't want to hear and get you the bitching and complaining. What the animal stuff okay. Everywhere else in the world treats animals better than we do in america. You do know this right because we have like mass produced chicken cows and all that shit over here. One village shares a cow. Okay if steaks on the menu. It's because they don't have in fresh. It ain't fresh okay. Every harry dickens. John in america is got a hamburger. I don't wanna fucking here it. There are delicacies. Like flog raw. Like horse things like that were you just gotta keep your eyes and ears open for 'cause. It's not my cup of tea but bar. Schiavone is the best sandwich shop in the world. We highly recommend stopping either. Twenty four or forty eight hours in modina yes to go to bar schiavone which is attached to the central market your farmers market where literally you see all the beautiful fresh produce meats local wines. It's just a fantastic going around into seeing all the fresh stuff that goes into the meals of the region. Now also you need to go to place called a study at giusti. Which is the oldest sahlia mattia. Chef's chef's you have to make a reservation. There's only four table so you walk into this place and it looks. It's like the oldest essentially deli. Wouldn't you say it's a high end deli. yes so that's what a salutary is. Essentially a butcher shop slash delhi. This place has been there for two hundred years. And there's a damn good reason why because they will make you leaving. They're going. I wanna eat here for the rest of my life. It was the best food we had. And and i'm going to be honest with you. We stayed at this place. Called casa maria luigia and it's amazing and its own by moss mature and his wife laura and it was great and it was. That's the only place to stay. Modern is a very small town. That's the place to stay and it was great but we through that experience got to do these like berry. High end michelin star tastings one at that hotel and then at the regular austria for ghana. And i gotta be honest with you. It was amazing. Food was to die for but we were so done with doing these five. And a half hour tastings. I understand how privileged the sounds. We have been. How many years have we been trying to get into this hotel. This rash draw. We probably became aware of it five years ago. And we've been trying since to get there and we've never been able to get in but because we were able to stay at their new hotel they were able to squeeze ascending. Because somebody at the last minute cancellation but we were sitting in this. You know the best restaurant in the world is plays austria just ghana and were sitting there for lunch and we go through a like four and a half hour lunch and it was amazing but it was just kind of the point where i was like. I can't sit in here with no air conditioning. No one was saying anything like everybody was kind of. Just staring was another stuffy and jeff sterile very sterile. I mean to service was incredible. Everything i'm never going to complain about it but it was just like jeff and were looking each other like i wanted to be in the spot. Where known as whipping up the scampi and the back and you can't talk. You can't communicate but you can communicate through linguini and love. You know what it is. I think that we are certainly capable and we do appreciate the finer thing. Yeah but when it comes to food we just want you know to get and quantity we wanna get down to brass tacks. We wanna lively environment. And i don't need the story behind the food. Because i can appreciate it without you going into a twenty minute description of of what's on my plate. Why there's a basil foam. i agree. I agree but i mean. Listen i'm not trying to burn bridges here okay. You have to stay at casa maria. It was it was truly a beautiful place and a wonderful experience.

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