Anthony, Diluvian Ignace, Cassini discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


We see planets that may sustain live we have particle physics we have of all these things happening with the power that uh you know we could even say it's the power of god because it's so powerful anthony patches talked about this many times we use written about things like the supercollider had the head on super collider and also uh some of the other things he's talked about the past that's why such a pleasure i'm on the show anthony we got our technical difficulties worked out your back on welcome to ground zero well thank you my friend and it'll be great talking about your article today that you entitled flood of fire yellow diluvian ignace is that how your pronounce so has to louis ignace it said latin for um flood of fire or the the day luge if you will of of fire the lads amazing that's amazing we may see that on saturday we'll have to say well see that's the whole thing is that when i was hearing about all this stuff about cassini i couldn't help but think about all the controversy when cassini first went up worry about the plutonium how much plutonium was on kosiba about seventy five pound probably the some of the most plutonium ever put on a on a platform and it really question why they needed that much plutonium and the the same plutonium in the same official material is going to be a pushed headlong into saturn and if it explodes you know a lot of people worry however lost scientists say it's unlikely that does saturn could ignite and we could have a a new star on this guy or new son in the sky that would actually make a lot of the.

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