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The people who are reading it in offer them a simple gift card our offer them something to just pick their brain To get insight into whether or not the content that you creating is actually valuable to them so qualitative and quantitative analysis of the value of your content is very important and then you can also set some metrics around whether or not your content is better than the competitors in how you do. That is purely subjective. But you're going to look at what exists today. That is trying to answer a question or solve a problem that your audience has and then you look at it and you say can we be better than this and if the answer is yes you can be better than that. You can create something better than go do it. Go create the best resource for that subject but don't make the mistake of just producing it because there's keyword volume opportunities. Don't go creating just because you think you might get a few shares go create it because you think you can add more value than the other asset that already exists when you lean into that mindset in that approach typically going to come out on top that lends itself into my next question. Which is this strange dance. That marketers play with google and search engine optimization. You know we look at key words. We we've been a lot of us have been guilty of keyword stuffing and writing to to the algorithm as opposed to writing to the audience given that. I'm very interested in your advice on how content marketer should approach google and the whole algorithm. I think you have to be human. I and then robot seconds you first start with the focus being. I need to solve a certain problem for the human. the human. that's going to go in typing a question. The human. that's going to go in asking how to do a certain thing you start with that and when you can figure out whether or not you can solve that problem you then create the most valuable thing in the world that you can develop as your resources your time etc..

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