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By far patriot supporters. I make rally a fan graphs. And i am joined to ease you into the ben limburg. List month ahead by another bed. Ben clements. hi ben. How're you are you. I'm doing well i. I'm feeling some like stirring a fan feeling and it's it's unusual. Spent a little while since i've had that experience we're going to talk about some of the the work that you've done for the site over the last week in a little bit here but i thought before we talked about. How good are playoff. Odds are we could talk about the current state of the playoff race because despite the divisions all being pretty well decided except for the west we have something of a of a barn burner here late season barn burner this very exciting to burn. No we frown on that now but as we are recording this on friday we currently have a three way tie for the well. We have a two wait. I we have three teams in wildcard position. In the american league the yankees are holding onto their first wildcard spot and the mariners having not had to play yesterday had a great thursday and By virtue of boston losing to the orioles have have snuck into tie the red sox for the second wildcard spot in the blue jays. Losing is a big deal to the blue jays are now officially a game out. They were not able to pick up any ground against the yankees so well and then i guess before we before we get to the al. We should also note that. The dodgers the poor dodgers. You feel so sorry for them. Just keep winning keeps them. Yeah and it keeps not matter because the giants keep winning two despite the best efforts of some good team. So let's start with the american league. I guess the first thing. I'd ask you ben is like what are. What are your expectations for. How this weekend is going to play out. Well probably the red sox will lose a game. They shouldn't yeah. That seems to be the thing that they do their inability to move anywhere in the standings. Like they've just dropped a lot of very winnable games at times and it looks like they could just pull it the orioles series for example. But i feel like they've done that. A bunch yeah so. I think that they'll probably lose a game. They shouldn't let the right way to say it but just feels that way. I think the angels are pretty checked out. But you know they're they're going to put a whole team out there and shohei otani is pretty good hitter. Even pitch right. I don't think i'm smarter than a coin flip. But i'm gonna say. I want the mariners to win. So that's right but it'd be a lot more fun. Yeah i where do you stand on the sort of attractiveness of chaos are you rooting for tiebreaker. Games is that something that is exciting to you or are you a tiebreaker gay. Just one hundred percent unless my teams and then shirt. And you don't have to deal with that then the last time you were on this podcast when you you filled in for me in co host duties arizona vacation i think that other been. Oh now see. He is other ben while he is on leave. Now you are the prime ben. Must i think he asked you if you needed to talk about. The cardinals and your impression was that no. You did not need to do that. But that is accurate. May have been hasty. Yeah 'cause then they ripped off a seventeen game win streak in secured the second wildcard before we go back to the undecided races. Like how how you feel bad. It's pretty great. I'd feel better. If the dodgers weren't just looming a tough wildcard game but it's one game which is the ideal way the face the dodgers right. I'm glad that's gonna be adam wainwright pitching. Yeah and it's gonna be really fun. I'd i'd. They're obviously not favored in that game. But it's going to be great to watch and there's a lot of cardinals. Dodgers postseason clashes through the years that i have fond memories of. I hope i get another. But i don't expect..

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