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So lovely likes master. Thanks so much for chatting us thank you. Yeah congrats on the massive wins because it takes everyone the whole community to bring someone like that to the top in so many lovely coming in someone says logan modern winning gold was really emotional for me. He's the bmx rider. Just the fact of how. It wasn't even a possibility when he was studying as a kid and now he will inspire us so many young kids someone else. The philippines getting their first ever medal in the women's weightlifting. Got me emotional. The emotion was incredible. So you have you been watching the olympics. I think watching it religiously as a school teacher. I've been studying my lessons to watch like the big big races and the first race. It ion fitness and the decky stops my religion class. We watched it. I cried and now. The u seventy seven video of made crying and seeing the national anthem on their heads was more important than letting about anything else at that point. Oh i learned so much from watching that stuff. Like i used to love when teaching stops classes so he could watch it. I mean what do you think. Your kids are getting out of that. I think festival they're learning about like it's okay to be vulnerable. Which is really. Don't keep but it's more about celebrating greatness and that we can shave if we put our minds to it because a lot of these kids. It's just not to say someone succeed totally. It's just like having a role model up this or if he thinks that's right. Thank you so much. Huck on triple j that. He's time full on this episode of hack. I'll catch you on the next one. This is an abc podcast..

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