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Ah, from Norman Lear and with Bonnie Franklin, and this show is worthwhile. It is important. It reflects a portion of our population that doesn't really get highlighted in in in sitcoms and pop culture. It's a It's a great great story about Cuban Cuban American. Single mother raising her teenage daughter who has Ah ah, great storyline herself representing another slice of our population. And then her son. And then she has a mother in law played by the meat. Amazing Rita Murano. I mean, come on. Ah, yeah, She's the best part of the show. Yes, she is. Cause it is like there are beginning, right? Ah, no, no, I think they're they're starting at, like season. Whatever. Currencies in their end is its new because the kids look older. He saw it came on after Big brother and all right. And I I saw some of the trailers while I was watching big brother trying to get people roped in to watch it how we only have a little bit. How was big brother last night? It was good. I'm finally caught up. You know, I went on a little vacation and I didn't have any signals, so I had to watch. Four episodes to get caught up over the weekend. And, Yeah, it's getting good that this alliance that has formed you know the the six person Alliance. It's fragmenting because now that's down to five people in the house, so they're all having to go after each other, which is this is the part that I always love and wait for Because it's like, all right, you guys aligned with each other now, the ugly part cups nice anymore. There's some really frustrating challenges that happened, which they always air so great about. You know, they either make it like an endurance challenge where they have to, like, Hold onto Ah, stupid rope for 12 hours or something, or it's some type of. Ah A mental game, a memory game or just a game of, you know, a combination of both. So yeah, last night it was. There was some heartbreaking moments where you're like, Oh, you almost did it and Yeah, but it's looking good. I'm liking who they're probably going to kick out soon, and I have never been a fan of him since the beginning. Really? Ah, and I think a lot of people he's just Annoying. Yeah, he's not just annoying, but just like your little seems like you're a little racist and That's not funny. I just haven't Yeah, he's not been my cup of tea from the beginning. Big brother one day at a time and see in Star Trek Discovery all on CBS and CBS all access 6 41. When we return, there's a rumor about Sharon Stone Going around that don McLean will talk about and speaking of rumors is Mariah Carey teasing a collaboration. She is. What are the theories? Alexis has that story when we return another lorry and Julia moment Coyote ugly that burned abroad that bar you in New York and I never did that. You never left the bra be.

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