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A bereavement leave bank America is a great program called life event services where someone's going through a transition in their life whatever that happens to be so it's just the kinds of benefits to the drive in what we call responsible growth I like to think my guess Larry to read it so what would you like to probably do find out a bank of America can help you a bank of America dot com stop by your local branch five eight see we've got KCBS traffic and weather together we're going to head to the bay bridge with Kim Vestal from your local Honda dealers traffic center yes we are padded with a whole lot of other people northbound one a one that slide to the bay bridge hampered now by what sounds like a fender Bender on the lower deck before the island blocking the right lane maybe it's even out of the way but you just don't need it anymore salt rubbed into the rooms there it's solid there from the two eighty merge and yet west alright that's pretty sticky to they just activated the metering lights of the toll plaza there's not really much of a back up but it's on the brakes all the way into downtown San Francisco and that you're right the Golden Gate Bridge I'm looking at that on the case VS instead of you well that's nice in both directions moving well under mostly sunny skies up ahead northbound one a one I do see a lot of brake lights it but you make your way through Marin city to that lucky drive highway twenty four it's been a rough one today KCBS is Steve you Caroline burns has a look at that and let's hope you pack your patience today because we had an earlier accident on east bound twenty four right there by highway thirteen and that's still affecting traffic even though it's been cleared eastbound twenty four backed up all the way from five eighty and the all the way through the Cali got tunnel as well once you get to a render those still bogged down even more all the way out to highway six eighty then back to highway seventeen Santa Cruz mountains we mention sama police activity backing you up north down before the summit all clear it's all gone along no problems ahead enter next updated five twenty eight on the traffic leader PCS and KCBS bay area weather forecast next it's the mainstream the sleep world six they outlook man city sleep will invite you to rest easy during their sixty five percent.

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